by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Mom and Roll & r & Generational rifts are hard to overcome, we know. Our mothers' irrational devotion to Celine Dion and Sandra Bullock confuses and terrifies us. So how about a Mother's Day that'll be as much a treat for you as for her? Check out Leon Atkinson at CenterStage on Sunday. While he's dazzling your mom with his classical artistry, sit back and drink deep of the genius who taught Lenny Kravitz his licks. If you happen to see the guy who taught Kravitz his lyric-writing, though, call us. We've got a knuckle sandwich waiting for him.

Big Bill, Small Stage & r & There's a massive Undie Hip-Hop set at Rock Coffee Saturday night, featuring the Insyders, Tulsi, Freetime Synthetic, Anawim, Jaeda, Amilayze, Cozz McDust, Tom Foolery, Haze, Poet and MJ. Damn, between this and Mista Gemini and MDub playing the Blvd. Saturday as well, we're beginning to have something resembling a hip-hop scene. Yes.

10 Years In... & r & ...and Five Foot Thick are calling it quits. Their (damn-near sold out?!) final show is at the Big Easy on Friday. They've pulled huge crowds for years, so this packed house will be a fitting send-off.

One Man Collective & r & It's a little disingenuous of Philip Roebuck to refer to himself as a "One Man Band." He's more like a one man collective. While his older, more polished tracks have a straight kinda bluegrassy sound, his latest demos hint at the visceral, utopian collectivism of the mid- to late '90s. He's like a one-man Neutral Milk Hotel ... oh, wait... bad example. See him at Rock Coffee on Monday anyway.

April Showers Bring... & r & ... Market Street concerts. Spring means Market St. Market in Hillyard is back on our radar. Come see AMS, Black Curtain and Small Town Nation this Saturday.

Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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