Keyed Up

We in the music section have seriously retired any plays on the word 'lock' for anything referring to Spokane's favorite positivity-slangin' honky rapper Locke (having already used "Locke Up," "Lock Out," and probably, though we're not sure where, "Locke In"), which made this little chunk tough to title. We're stoked, though, to have him back in town on Saturday for a show at the Blvd. with Lines Collide.


Sidetrack, the family-friendly rockabilly veterans of many a Pig Out and Artfest, are having themselves a CD release party. Their new album, On the Flip Side, is 12 tracks of exceedingly singable Americana they'll be showcasing Friday at CenterStage. It's free.

Mob With the Dogg Pound

To those who would assert that seeing Daz and Kurupt wreck a mic is like paying to see Tito and Jermaine sing "ABC," we say hold up: the Dogg Pound is way more than just Snoop, and Snoop isn't even Snoop anymore. Besides, Daz and Kurupt stand on their own with such jams as "Let's Play House," "Nothin' But the Cavi Hit," and "Real Soon," which charted at number 49 ... in Australia. They're at the Big Easy on Saturday. Tickets are $30.

Wait, What?

So those online music retailers -- eMusic and Napster, specifically -- that allow you to buy into a flat monthly service rather than charging by the song like iTunes aren't doing so well financially. To combat this lack of profitability, eMusic is actually giving its members less of an incentive to choose them over Apple, dropping the number of monthly downloads from 40 to 30. Now 40 songs is a light week here at The Inlander; and 30 in a month is just crazy. We don't have our MBAs or anything, but we're pretty sure the way to get subscribers to a flat-rate service like eMusic is to continually offer more features, not take them away. Id-jits. n

53rd Annual Art on the Green @ North Idaho College

Sat., July 31, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sun., Aug. 1, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
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