by Inlander Staff & r & & r & "12th Street" Hoodlum Tribe Remix & r & There's a Web site devoted to chronicling what a crappy place Manchester, England, is. They heard tell of Manchester (the band of Whitworth alums and former Spokanites), listened to their music and decided, yes, Manchester the band sucks just as bad as Manchester the city. Then, to push the point, they remixed Manchester's song "12th Street" into a trippy rave barnburner. The site's called Manchester is Shit ( You can listen to the remix there.

End Update & r & 10 Minutes Down's final show is creeping ever nearer (the 9th at the Big Easy). Bad news, they're done after ten years. Good news, tickets are seemingly not sold out yet. Get them at Boo Radley's and 4000 Holes and potentially at GU's Crosby center... maybe.

Baby Pants & r & Spokane's biggest DJ in Spokane's smallest bar (does having a DJ make you a club by default?) gelled rather nicely, thank you, and now the Baby Bar is making it an every-other-Tuesday thing. It happened this Tuesday, and it'll happen Tuesday after next, and so on from there out.

Bumbershot & r & We felt a little bad abandoning the bulk of Pig Out in the Park for Bumbershoot this weekend (though we did catch an electrifying set by Seaweed Jack on Friday night), but it was worth it. Highlights? The kick-ass indie rock line-up on Saturday night, with Rogue Wave, the Thermals and Of Montreal all playing within a few hours of each other (the latter was like the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the funk turned up). The Jose Gonzalez two-fer, with his delicious solo set preceding a guest turn with Zero 7 on the next stage. Jamie Lidell peeling off a gray trench coat to reveal a gold sequined tuxedo coat in the middle of his blistering soul-and-beats set on the Bumbrella stage. Oh yeah, and did we mention the food?

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