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Thursday, 4/26

Big Easy, Twista, Li'l Coner, Jamal Ali.

Big Foot, Schmoe

Brooklyn Nights, DeMarco

Brooklyn Nights, Groove Patrol

Casey's, DA and the Cruisers

Caterina Winery, Tyler Burnett, Paper Genius

Cruisers (208-773-4706), Blue Print Band

ella's, Abe Kennedy, Nick Herman

Empyrean, Matt Russell, Vespertine, J.S. Butcher

Far West, Fair Iesa, 19 Points of Nowhere

Fizzie Mulligan's, Exit 7

John's Alley, Yamn

Lion's Lair, DJ Tatyana

Moon Time, 7th Degree

O'Shay's, Open Mic, Harvey Stanley

Prago, Natural Selections

Spread, Benjamin Gordon

Talotti's 211, DJ Silent J

Whitworth, Magdalen Hsu-Li

Wine Cellar, Barry Aiken Trio

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Mills

Friday, 4/27

Annie Fannies, (534-1212), Ultraglide

Barrel Room No. 6, Birdsall & amp; Priest

Big Al's, Julie Anne & amp; the Jukebox Junkies

Big Dipper, The Let Up, Man Without Wax, Until August Ends,

Big Foot, Cary Fly

Blue Spark, Listener, Holy Eyes, Freetime Synthetic

The Blvd., Coretta Scott, First to Rise, Hero of Time

Bolo's, Nova

Brix, (208-665-7407), Mike Ross

Brooklyn Nights, Dandelion Greens

Casey's, DA and the Cruisers

Caterina Winery, Josh Hedlund, Joel Smith, Karli Fairbanks

Centerstage, Sidetrack

Club C8, DJ Lique, DJ K-Phi

Cruisers, (208-773-4706), Blue Print Band

Curley's, Deep Six

Dempsey's, DJ Scott

Eichardts, Yamn

ella's, Joe Kloess

Empyrean, Schoolyard Heroes, the Photo Atlas, Cyrus Fell Down, To No Avail

Fizzie Mulligan's, Somebody's Hero

The Flame, DJ Little John

Hedge House, Bob Moss, Two Dudes

Ionic Burrito, Seth Sommerfield, Annie Carter

Irv's, DJ Mashane

Isabella's, Save Lefty

Jimmy'z, Nick Schauer, Dave Fague

John's Alley, Out From Underneath

Mootsy's, Aaron Richner

Spread, Atomic Clock, Snap Hook, Mistaken

Mr. G's, White Noise

O'Shay's, Demarco

Pend d'Oreille Winery, BonTaj

Picnic Pines Bar, (299-3223) Two Tall

Prago, DJ JAH

Raw Sushi, James Pants

Ripley's Plantation, Charlie Butts and the Filter Tips, Pat Barkley

Service Station, Schauer With Friends Trio

Slab Inn, Holy Cow

The Spread, Snaphook, Mistaken Identity

Talotti's 211, DJ Silent J

Thumpers, 50 Cent Suit

Viking (326-2942), 6 Foot Swing

Volcano's Party Island, Party 101

Wine Cellar, Bones, Bolan & amp; Nelson

Working Class Heroes, Ken Luker

Saturday, 4/28

Annie Fannies (534-1212), Ultraglide

Aunties (838-0206), Sidetrack

Barrel Room No. 6, Laddie Ray Melvin

The Basement, (315 1st, Cheney), DJ Troma

Big Al's, Julie Anne & amp; the Jukebox Junkies

Big Easy, Cancer Benefit

Big Foot, Cary Fly

Bolo's, Nova

The Blvd., Flowmotion, Yamn

Brooklyn Nights, The Winter Blanket

Casey's, DA and the Cruisers

Club C8, DJ Lique, DJ K-Phi

Cruisers, (208-773-4706), Blue Print Band

Curley's, Deep Six

Dempsey's, DJ Scott

Di Luna's, Abe Kenney

ella's, Mike Frederick

Eichardts, Eleven Eyes

Empyrean, Kristen Marlo, Kaylee Cole

Fizzie Mulligan's, Somebody's Hero

The Flame, DJ Little John

Huckleberry's, Michael Duncan

Ionic Burrito, Kevin Morgan, Matt Russell

Irv's, DJ Real

Isabella's, Robert Dunn and The North Country

John's Alley, Eleven Eyes

Leonardo's Coffee, Marshall McLean

Mootsy's, Sex Vid, Funerot, Rutah

Mr. G's, White Noise

The New Groove, Game Infested Nationwide

O'Shay's, Steve Schough

Pend d'Oreille Winery, DeMarco

PJ's Bar & amp; Grille (328-2153), Big Dirty Guns, Lysdexic, The Chang

Prago, Blue Canoe

Raw Sushi, Marcus Randall

Ripley's Plantation, Charlie Butts and the Filter Tips, Pat Barkley

Spread, H is for Hellgate, Corum Dio, Belt of Vapor

Slab Inn, Holy Cow

Spencer's, 2 for 2

Sweet Savoy (509-235-5182), Don Millard

Talotti's 211, DJ Loud Richard

Thumpers, 50 Cent Suit

Wine Cellar, Bones, Bolan & amp; Nelson

Sunday, 4/29

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly

The Blvd., KeKe Luv & amp; DJ Lique

Empyrean, Classical Guitar Circle

Europa, Sidhe

Irv's, 80's night

John's Alley, Jazz at John's

Ripley's Plantation, Sammy Eubanks

Spencer's, 2 for 2

Monday, 4/30

Baby Bar, iPod DJ Night

Blue Spark, Open Mic

Europa, Jonathan Nicholson

John's Alley, On the One

Parkside Bistro, Cris Lucas

Prago, All Ages Open Mic, Thomas Bechard

Ripley's Plantation, Sammy Eubanks, Steve Starkey

Spread, A Gun that Shoots Knives, Thunder Monkey, Lack of Respect

Steelhead, The Doghouse Boyz

Wine Cellar, Paul Mata

Tuesday, 5/1

Brooklyn Nights, Matt Tansy & amp; Friends

Caterina Winery, Open Mic, Jacob Butcher

Club C8, DJ Lique, DJ K-Phi

Irv's, Open Mic

Jimmy'z, Nick Schauer, Craig Landron

O'Doherty's, Irish jam

Prago, Open Turntables, DJ Smallcuts

Raw Sushi, DJ Parafyn

Wednesday, 5/2

Big Easy, Blue County

The Bing, Leon Redbone

Caterina Winery, Open Mic

Empyrean, Jim Faddis, Kevin Brown

Latah Bistro, Just Plain Darin

Lion's Lair, DJ Ramsen

Prago, Tranquility Base DJ's

Raw Sushi, Open Turntable Night

Ripley's Plantation, Terry Hanck

Spread, Open Mic

Next Week

The Blvd., Seaweed Jack, HIJK on May 3

Empyrean, Finn Riggins, Hockey, Love You Long Time, Uh-Oh Plane Crash on May 3

Centerstage, Greta Matassa on May 4

The Grail, Warrant on May 5

INB Performing Arts Center, Morrissey on May 5

Mootsy's, Yokohama Hooks, Artificial Limbs on May 5

Coming Up

Big Dipper, The Rocketz, the Grave Scene on May 12

The Blvd., Hockey, Smilelinespark, For Years Blue on May 18

Raw, Blue Scholars on May 18

The Grail, Drowning Pool on May 19

Arena, Brad Paisley, Jack Ingram, Kellie Pickler, Taylor Swift on May 24

Big Easy, Brandi Carlile, Eliot Morris on May 24

Centerstage, The Stolen Sweets, 6' Swing on May 24

IMDB Performing Arts Center, Harry Connick Jr. on May 29

The Arena, Alison Krauss & amp; Union Station, Jerry Douglas on July 8

Book-Talk Teasers

Wed., Aug. 4, 1-2 p.m. and Wed., Aug. 18, 1-2 p.m.
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