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Thursday, 10/11

Artisan Room, 6' Swing

The Bing, Greg Brown

Bluz at the Bend, Riverside Rhythm and Bluez

The Blvd., Battle of the Bands: My Fatal Mistake, Concrete Grip, Deaconess, Separation Self

Brooklyn Nights, Groove Patrol

Caterina Winery, Open Mic w/host Jacob Butcher, Nate Greenberg

Club Max, Papa Green

ella's, Lindell Reason, Arnie Carruthers Trio, Diane Copeland

Far West, Acoustic Night

Fizzie Mulligan's, Exit 7

Isabella's, Siamese Kats

John's Alley, Clumsy Lovers

Moon Time, TJ

Prago, Guitar Hero Night

Rusty's Lounge, Jim Tilden Brown

O'Shay's, Open Mic Night with Harvey Stanely

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Mills

Friday, 10/12

Annie Fannies (534-1212), Rock Bottom

Big Easy, Critical Bill, To No Avail, Sanctified Sin, The Merrick Diaries, Deaconess

Bigfoot Tavern, Cary Fly Band

Bluz at the Bend, Big Mumbo

The Blvd., Corretta Scott, First to Rise

Bolo's, Perones

Brooklyn Nights, Amy Bleu

Caterina Winery, T.J. Sherrill, Kyle Stevens, Mark Ward

Curley's, Ultra Glide

ella's, Jonathan Nicholson, Arnie Carruthers Trio, Diane Copeland

Empyrean, Kill Your Ex, guests

Fizzie Mulligan's, The Cronkites

Iron Horse, Bad Monkey

Isabella's, Robert Dunn & amp; the North Country

John's Alley, Clumsy Lovers

The Library Lounge, The Don Larson Trio

Madeleine's, Dirk Swartz

Mirabeau Max, Mike Ross

Mootsy's, Nicolas Vigil with Milonga

Nighthawk Lounge, DJ Cantlon

O'Shay's, Burlap Highrise

Pend D'Oreille Winery, 2 of Us Plus 1

Prago, DJ JAH, Real Life Sound

Raw Sushi, Jupiter Effect

Shag Nasty's, Nighthawk

Slab Inn, Southern Comfort

Sunset Junction, The Moops

Working Class Heroes, Kid Cadillac

Zombie Room, Bled by Design, Sayne, Pulsless

Saturday, 10/13

Annie Fannies (534-1212), Rock Bottom

The Big Easy, DJ Mayhem

Bigfoot Tavern, Cary Fly Band

Blue Bay, Raw B.

Blue Spark, Dan Purser

Bluz at the Bend, Big Mumbo

The Blvd., Shim, Mistress and the Misters

Bolo's, The Perones

Brooklyn Nights, Siren

Caterina Winery, Gun of the Sun feat. Freetime Synthetic and Quiz, Jaeda, Lo Boz, Metatron Movement, Alex Lewis, Zyriab, Cozz McDust, MJ

Curley's, Ultra Glide

ella's, Joe Kloess, Arnie Carruthers Trio, Diane Copeland

Empyrean, Mistress & amp; the Misters, Shim, Cyrus Fell Down

Fizzie Mulligan's, The Cronkites

INB Performing Arts Center, Spokane Symphony, Bernadette Peters

Ionic Burrito, TJ Sherrill, Kyle Stevens

Iron Horse, Bad Monkey

John's Alley, Frame of Mind

Mirabeau Max, Mike Ross

Nighthawk Lounge, ThundeRoad

O'Doherty's, Haze

O'Shay's, Burlap Highrise

Pend D'Oreille Winery, Just Plain Darin

Prago, 80's Dance Night

Pullman Moose Lodge (509 334-3000), Dance of the Dead II feat. Lithium.ID, OldBoy, Strychnine, the Switchblade Sinners, Random Noise

Shag Nasty's, Nighthawk

The Star, Willie's Haggered

Sunset Junction, The Moops

Working Class Heroes, Kid Cadillac

Sunday, 10/14

Arbor Crest (927-9463), Christina Kelly

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly Evolution Jam

Europa, Sidhe

Northern Quest, Lorrie Morgan

The Star, Willie's Haggered

The Swamp, Annie O'Neill, guests

Working Class Heroes, Nighthawk

The Zombie Room, The Phenomenauts

Monday, 10/15

Blue Spark, Open Mic

The Blvd, Midnight Society, Clifton, I am the Ocean, My Fatal Mistake

Empyrean, The Midnight Society, Clifton, I Am the Ocean, My Fatal Mistake

Europa, Jonathan Nicholson

Tuesday, 10/16

Zombie Room, Impact Exploder, Belt of Vapor, Ferocious Eagle

ella's, Danny McCollim

John's Alley, Open Mic

O'Doherty's, Irish jam

Wednesday, 10/17

Bluz at the Bend, 6' Swing

Caterina Winery, Jason Webley, Jherek Bischoff, Quilken, Led to Sea

Empyrean, White Rabbits, Portfolio Days, Oil of Angels, Mistress & amp; the Misters

ellas, Danny McCollim & amp; Don Goodwin

O'Shay's, Robbie French

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Mills

Next Week

Blue Spark, La Cha Cha on Oct. 20

Brooklyn Nights, Kasey Anderson, BigsbyJones on Oct. 20

Caterina Winery, John Craigie, the Shook Twins on Oct. 20

INB Performing Arts Center, Neil Young on Oct. 20

Service Station, RAWK Fall Showcase on Oct. 20

Caterina Winery, Elliott Smith Memorial Show feat Jacob Butcher, Kevin Long, Curran Long, Mercia Sheets, Wayne Patrick, Mark Ward, Justin Knittel, others on Oct. 21

Empyrean, Flight 409, Say No More, the Blue Northern, Goodnight Sunrise on Oct. 22

Beasley Coliseum, Taylor Swift on Oct. 23

Big Easy, Brandi Carlile, A Fine Frenzy on Oct. 24

Prago, Frankling Cover Up, Behold, Songs From the Rodeo, Planck Scale on Oct. 24

Coming Up

Caterina Winery, Kevin Long, Josh Hedlund, Mordekye Layman on Oct. 26

One Shot Charlie's, Costume party feat. PJ Destiny

Ironhorse, Jim Basnight Band on Oct 26

Blue Spark, DJ True on Oct 26

The Arena, James Taylor on Oct. 29

The Big Easy, Ingrid Michaelson on Oct. 29

Big Easy, Modest Mouse, Man Man, Love as Laughter on Oct. 31, Nov. 1

The Big Easy, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, on Nov. 6

Centerstage, Think Swing on Nov. 8 - 10

Beasley, Doobie Brothers on Nov. 10

Big Easy, Alter Bridge, Another Animal on Nov. 10

Whitworth Cowles Auditorium, Jazz Trumpeter Terence Blanchard

Service Station, Anberlin on Nov. 27

The Arena, Manheim Steamroller on Dec. 4

The Arena, Tool on Dec. 7 (Tickets on Sale on Oct. 13)

The Bing, Spokane Jazz Orchestra feat. Dee Daniels on Dec. 8

Coeur d'Alene Casino, PJ Destiny on Dec. 8

Big Easy, Queensryche on Feb. 29

The Bing, David Keberle & amp; Spokane Jazz Orchestra on May 8.

The Bing, David Keberle & amp; Spokane Jazz Orchestra on May 9.

Family Green Screen Video Magic @ Cheney Library

Sat., Feb. 11, 12:30-2:30 p.m.
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