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Thursday, 10/2

Beverly's (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Big Al's, DJ D-Ates

Bluz at the Bend, The Perones

Bottoms Up (892-1778), DJ Fusion

Brews Bros. (456-5858), Ben Mancke

Coeur d'Alene Casino, PJ Destiny

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Mac Loyd

Cretin Hop, Bestige, Reconciled Silence, Take the Fallen, Idolatry

Empyrean, Steve Schennum, Dave McRae

Far West, Jason Korb

Fizzie Mulligan's, Exit 7

Iron Horse, DJ Oz

Knitting Factory, DJ Yochanan

Laguna Caf & eacute; (448-0887), Just Plain Darin

Mik-N-Mac's (208-667-4858), DJ Jason

Mizuna, Abe Kenney

Moon Time, Salem, 3 Spot

Prago, DJ Luna

The Swamp, DJ Afrodesiac

Talotti's 211, DJs Silent J and Loud Richard

Trick Shots, DJ Freaky Fred

Volcano's, DJ Reckless

Wine Cellar, Ray Roberson

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Ray Mills

Zola, Groove Patrol

Friday, 10/3

Arbor Crest RPS (747-3903), Just Plain Darin

Baja Bargarita (208-667-7676), DJ Benny

Beverly's (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Bigfoot, Plastic Saints

Bluz at the Bend, Bob Bailey, The Perones

The Blvd., Early show: the Horrorpops, 7 Shot Screamers, Longway; Late show: The Swallows, Boneyard Butchers

Brews Bros. (456-5858), Slow Dancing Society

Calypso Coffee, Kaylee Cole

Chillers, Slip Stream

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Loaded

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Thunder Road

Cretin Hop, GodBear, Lord Kelvin, The Water Ostriches, Space Age Fur

Curley's, Blue Fire Down

Eagle's Club (489-3030), Mavericks

Eichardts, Doug Bond

Elements, Acoustic Wave Machine

Empyrean, Fingersmith, Blue Ribbon Tea Company, Zan Agzigian, Tom Davis

Envy Ultra Lounge (838-6308), DJ Fusion

Fizzie Mulligan's, Sugarbone

The Flame, DJ Big Show

The Grail, Uli Jon Roth

Ionic Burrito, Jennifer Cadence

Iron Horse, Nova

Irv's, DJ Real

Isabella's, Jessica Hand & amp; the Family Rose

John's Alley, Acorn Project

Laguna Caf & eacute; (448-0887), Nick Schauer W/ Ken Luker

Madeleine's, Kevin Gardner & amp; the Spare Parts

Mik-N-Mac's, DJ Jason

Mirabeau Max (924-9000), Bill Rector

Peacock Room, Dean Smith

Pend d'Oreille Winery, Justin Landis & amp; Matt Schreiner

Prago, AirWay Crew, HAZE

Slab Inn, DJ Kevin James

Stage Right (208-265-8116), Vance Bergeson

The Star, Mr. Happy

Talotti's 211, DJs Silent J and Loud Richard, Jive Turkey

Thumpers, Satellite

The Vault (120 N. Wall), Hockey, Mint Chicks, Kevin Long, Gun of the Sun, Mathew Winters, Kaylee Cole, Dane Ueland, Noah Bennett, Lance Paullin (see page 23)

The Viking, 6' Swing

Volcano's, DJ Reckless

Zola (624-2416), Milonga

Saturday, 10/4

Baja Bargarita (208-667-7676), DJ Benny

Bigfoot, Plastic Saints

Bluz at the Bend, Bob Bailey, The Perones

The Blvd., Miss Anne Thrope, Soverance, So Farr

Bottom's Up (892-1778), DJ McSquared

Branding Iron (796-IRON), Country Fire Band

Brews Bros. (456-5858), Kenny D

Calypso Coffee, Jennifer Cadence

Caterina, Karli Fairbanks, Travis Vick, Not an Airplane

Chillers, Slip Stream

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Thunder Road

Coeur d'Alene Eagles (208-664-5612), Mavericks

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Comfort Zone

Cretin Hop, The Sissies

Curley's, Blue Fire Down

Dempsey's, DJ Scott

Eagle's Club (489-3030), Mavericks

Elements, DJ Hype

Empyrean, A Pyrrhic Victory, Straight to our Enemies, 10CC Love Affair, We Are Devastation

Envy Ultra Lounge (838-6308), DJ Fusion

Europa, Ron Criscone

Fizzie Mulligan's, Sugarbone

Flame, DJ Big Show

The Grail, Brown Notes, Rubberdiculous, Characterflaw

Huckleberry's, Wayne

Iron Horse, Nova

Irv's, DJ Real

Jimmy'z, DJ Warren

John's Alley, Badfish Band

Kootenai Farmers Market (208-661-2431), Brad Keeler

Laguna Caf & eacute; (448-0887), Nick Schauer W/ Dana Wear

Mirabeau Max (924-9000), Bill Rector

Mootsy's, Goodnight Loving, Soi

Northern Quest, Kool & amp; the Gang

Peacock Room, Dean Smith

Pend d'Oreille Winery, Kaylee Cole

Prago, DJ Mashane

Raw, Powerchief

River Park Square (328-5729), Jenny Edgren, Molly & amp; Tenbrooks

Service Station, Barlow Girls, Jimmy Needham, Brooke Barrettsmith

Slab Inn, Kenny Walker & amp; the Knighthawks

The Star, Mr. Happy

Talotti's 211, Three Dogg Down, DJs Silent J and Plese Shutup

Thumpers, Satellite

Trick Shots, DJ Freaky Fred

Zola (624-2416), Kris Orlowski

Zombie Room, Grocery Boys

Sunday, 10/5

Arbor Crest (927-9463), Just Plain Darin

Big Al's, Borderline

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly

Calypso Coffee, Travis Vick W/ Not an Airplane

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Vance Bergeson

Curley's, Bluefire Down

Di Luna's, A Taste of Jazz

Empyrean, The Battle Royale W/ Jedediah the Pilot, Reconciled Silence

Europa, Sidhe

Raw, DJ Big Mike

Slab Inn, Izzi

Steelhead, Ken Luker

Monday, 10/6

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), The Muddy Frog Wotters

Eichardts, Blues Jam w/ Truck Mills

Knitting Factory, Strictly Strange Tour: Techn9ne, Scatterman, Snug Brim, Grove Pilot, Prozak

Prago, DJ Lydell

Volcano's, DJ Yasmine

Tuesday, 10/7

Beverly's (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Robin Ellis

Elements , DJ Hype

Empyrean, Hinged, Castedown, Bestige, Aftermath, From Sword to Sunrise

Knitting Factory, Overkill, Epicurean, Warbringer

Mootsy's, The Intelligence, Whiskey Dick Mountain

O'Doherty's, Celtic jam session

Peking, DJ LG

Shore Lounge (208-765-4000), DJ Brentano

Wednesday, 10/8

Beverly's (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Big Als, Andy Gregory, Borderline

Bluz at the Bend, Sammy Eubanks

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Jim Tilden Brown

Eagles Club (489-3030), Mavericks

Eichardts, Charlie Packard Band

Irv's, DJ Real

Knitting Factory, Matt White, Lenka, Allen Stone

O'Shay's, Robby French

Peacock Room, Dave Fague

Raw, DJ Fusion

Service Station, Minus the Bear, Annuals, Themes

Shore Lounge (208-765-4000), DJ Brentano

Volcano's, DJ Yasmine

Waddell's (443-6500), The Background All-Stars


The Blvd., Feral Children on Oct. 10

Empyrean, Mathematicians, Belt of Vapor, Cyrus Fell Down, Meteorites Attack on Oct. 10

Mootsy's, Flaming Fire, Godbear, Meteorites Attack! on Oct. 10

Caterina, Kite & amp; Destruction Island on Oct 11

Knitting Factory, Slightly Stoopid, Ill Bill on Oct. 11

Pend d'Oreille Winery, Mark Ward on Oct. 11

The Casbah (456-7890), DJ Coz McDust, DJ Supervillain on Oct 15

Caterina, Band of Annuals on Oct. 15

Knitting Factory, Henry Rollins on Oct. 16


The Casbah (456-7890), Ohmega Watts, Chedder Chad on Oct. 17

Empyrean, Inlander Cheap Beer Night ft. Zac Fairbanks, Meteorites Attack!, Joel Smith , Portrait of a Gentleman, Hanna Reader, Kaylee Cole, Henry Nordstrom on Oct. 18

Knitting Factory, Solid State Tour W/ Norma Jean on Oct. 23

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