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Thursday, 9/18

Beverly's, (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Bluz at the Bend, Studebaker John & amp; the Hawks

Bottoms Up, (892-1778), DJ Fusion

Calypso's Coffee, Paper Mache, A Novel Form

Caterina, Beluga, John K & amp; Darlin', More Ted

Connie's Lounge,(208-255-2227), Mac Loyd

Empyrean, Cyrus Fell Down, A Novel Form, HeadPeace, Specially Designed for Commercial Radio, Meteorites Attack

Far West, Michael Lewis

Fizzie Mulligan's, Exit 7

The Flame, DJ Twig

Iron Horse, DJ Oz

John's Alley, Afrissippi

Knitting Factory, En'er-je

Laguna Caf & eacute;,(448-0887), Just Plain Darrin

Mik-N-Mac's,(208-667-4858), DJ Jason

Mizuna, Abe Kenney

Moon Time, Jim Basnight & amp; the Moberlys

Prago, DJ Luna

Shore Lounge, (208-765-4000), Satellite

South Perry Farmers Market, (496-8780), Todd Milne

Stage Right,(208-265-8116), Berry

Talotti's 211, DJs Silent J and Loud Richard

Trick Shot, DJ Freaky Fred

Volcano's, DJ Reckless

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Ray Mills

Zola, Groove Patrol

Friday, 9/19

Arbor Crest RPS,(747-3903), Ron Criscione

Baja Bargarita,(208-667-7676), DJ Benny

Beverly's,(208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Big Dipper, Paper Mache, Goodnight Sunrise, Turned up Missing, A Novel Form, The Chasing

Bigfoot, Mistaken Identity

Bluz at the Bend, Big Mumbo

The Blvd., Early show: Japanther, Dimples, Godbear; Late show: Lucid, Windowpane

Calypso's Coffee, Cahalen David Morrison

Caterina, Annie O'Neill, Siamese Kats

Chillers, Nova

Connie's Lounge, (208-255-2227), Loaded

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Mr. Happy

Crickets, (208-765-1990), Laffin Bones

Curley's, Rock Bottom

Eagle's Club, (489-3030), Mavericks

Eichardts, Steve Ness

Elements, DJ Hype

Empyrean, Merrick Diaries, Into the Storm, Jedediah the Pilot, Whale Limb, 19 Points of Nowhere

Envy Ultra Lounge, (838-6308), DJ Fusion

The Flame, DJ Twig

The Grail, Sky Eater, Final Plea, Another August, Chokeout

Iron Horse, The Keep

Irv's, DJ Real

John's Alley, Vial 8

Knitting Factory, Josh Blue, DJ LG

Laguna Caf & eacute;, (448-0887), Nick Schauer W/ Brian Flick

Madeleine's, KennyD & amp; Megan

Mik-N-Mac's, DJ Jason

Mirabeau Max, (924-9000), Dean Smith

One Shot Charlie's, (208-689-9968), PJ Destiny

O'Shay's, Harvey Stanley

Pacific Ave. Pizza, (624-0236), Trailer Park Girls

Peacock Room, Don & amp; Nancy Emerson

Pend d'Oreille Winery, Nate Greenburg

Picnic Pines, (299-3223), No Rules

Prago, AirWay Crew, James Pants, Haze

Raw, Dirk Swartz & amp; the Big Hair Revolution

Stage Right,(208-265-8116), Chris Lynch

Swamp, Dry County Crooks, Williston

Talotti's 211, DJs Silent J and Loud Richard, Jive Turkey

Thumpers, 50 Cent Suit

The Viking, Sidetrack

Volcano's, DJ Reckless

Zola, (624-2416), La Cha Cha

Zombie Room, Season of the Nightmare, Boneyard Butchers, Backstabbers

Saturday, 9/20

Bigfoot, Mistaken Identity

Big Dipper, The CAB, Hey Monday, A Rocket to the Moon, Shyforshy

Bluz at the Bend, Big Mumbo

The Blvd., Early show: Vanguard, Sidetracked, Sourjourner, Behold, Rebuilt; Late show: Temperedcast, Formada, Paid Under Envy

Borders, (466-2231), John Watson

Bottom's Up, (892-1778), DJ McSquared

Caterina, Seven Years Absence, Raining and OK, Danny Weber

Chillers, Nova

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Lake City Blues Benefit W/ Roberson & amp; Beese, Stevie & amp; the Culprits, Mr. Happy

Connie's Lounge, (208-255-2227), Comfort Zone

The Cretin Hop, (1317 N. Howard St.) The Brown Notes, Another August, In-Flux

Curley's, Rock Bottom

Dempsey's, DJ Scott

Eagle's Club, (489-3030), Mavericks

Eichardt's, Steve Ness

Elements, DJ Hype

Empyrean, Sanctified Sin, The Deadhorse Express, Age of Defiance, Burn the Attic, The Showgun

Envy Ultra Lounge, (838-6308), DJ Fusion

Europa, Ron Criscone

The Grail, Early show: Sword to Sunrise, Atomic Clock, Shoved, Aftermath; Late show: Skills Competition

Huckleberry's, Alan Surdez

Ionic Burrito, Jennifer Cadence

Iron Horse, The Keep

Irv's, DJ Real

Jimmy'z, DJ Warren

John's Alley, Pimps & amp; Hos 7

Knitting Factory, Living Legends, The Bayliens

Mik-N-Mac's, DJ Jason

Mirabeau Max, (924-9000), Dean Smith

One Shot Charlie's,(208-689-9968), PJ Destiny

O'Shay's, Steve Schlough

Panida, Hot Club of Spokane

Peacock Room, Don & amp; Nancy Emerson

Pend d'Oreille Winery, Folk Remedy

Picnic Pines, (299-3223), No Rules

Prago, DJ Mashane

Raw, DJ Big Mike

Red Dragon Room, (747-1121), Big Dirty Guns, Aftermath, Scry Jane

Rocket Market, (343-2253), Sam Endress

Stage Right, (208-265-8116), Justin Lantrip

Talotti's 211, Three Dogg Down, DJs Silent J and Plese Shutup

Thumpers, 50 Cent Suit

Valleyfest, 6' Swing, Shook Twins, Milonga, Nicole Lewis, Curtis Salgado

Zola, (624-2416), James Pants, Groove Patrol

Zombie Room, The Brown Notes, Another August, Reason for Existence

Sunday, 9/21

Arbor Crest, (927-9463), Singlewide

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly

Connie's Lounge, (208-255-2227), Vance Bergeson

Empyrean, The Lonely H, Booze Fighters, The Back Row Kings

Europa, Sidhe

INB Performing Arts Center, Black Hawk, Little Texas, Restless Heart

Knitting Factory, Geoff Tate, Atomic Clock

Raw, DJ Big Mike

Steelhead, Ken Luker

Monday, 9/22

Arena, Journey, Cheap Trick, Heart

Connie's Lounge, (208-255-2227), The Muddy Frog Wotters

Eichardts, Blues Jam w/ Truck Mills

Empyrean, Po' Girl. Theatre Presents: The Pirates of Omega

Knitting Factory, Filter, People in Planes

Prago, DJ Lydell

Rockin' B Ranch, (891-9016), Bonafide Blue Grass Band, Aaron, Antonio and the Afterthoughts, Molly Tenbrooks

Tuesday, 9/23

Beverly's, (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Big Dipper, Blood Stands Still, We Are Devastation, Americn Me, Ambush

The Blvd., Project Independent, Concrete Grip, Ninetail, Soblivious, Stiched Open, Chokeout

Connie's Lounge, (208-255-2227), Robin Ellis

Elements , DJ Hype

Empyrean, Junk Yard Ghost Revival ft. Anis Majgoni, Buddy Wakefield & amp; Derrick Brown, Kaylee Cole

John's Alley, JJ Grey & amp; Mofro

O'Doherty's, Celtic jam session

Peking, DJ LG

Shore Lounge, (208-765-4000), DJ Brentano

Wednesday, 9/24

Beverly's, (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Bluz at the Bend, Sammy Eubanks

Calypso's Coffee, David Colon

Connie's Lounge, (208-255-2227), Jim Tilden Brown

Eagles Club, (489-3030), Mavericks

Eichardts, Charlie Packard Band

Empyrean, Who Calls So Lound, Whale Limb, Into the Storm, Merrick Diaries, This Body

Irv's, DJ Real

John's Alley, John Shipe

Latah Bistro, (838-8338), Kalliope

Mik-N-Mac's, DJ Kenya

O'Doherty's, Free Whiskey

O'Shay's, Robby French

Peacock Room, Lindell Reason

Raw, DJ Fusion


2nd Look Books, (535-6464), Cyrus Fell Down on Sept. 26

Caterina, Musee Mecanique, Kaylee Cole, See Me River on Sept. 26

Zombie Room, Pour Soi, Belt of Vapor, Space Age Fur on Sept. 27

Empyrean, Rock the Vote: David Bazan, the Globes, Pickwick, Karli Fairbanks on Sept. 29


Empyrean, Mathematicians, Belt of Vapor, Cyrus Fell Down, Meteorites Attack on Oct. 10

Braiding Basics @ Shadle Library

Sun., Feb. 5, 2-3:30 p.m.
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