Spokane Community College

Where truck driver training and cosmetology... collide!

A gout of flame shot forth from the concrete, like Satan’s blistering belch. This whole building, I realized, had been built to burn. I raised my remaining eyebrow. Better hope the fire science technology students had been hitting the books. They were about to take a pop quiz — the kind where failure is served charbroiled.

A “melting pot” according to some students, Spokane Community College brings its own distinct culture to the table. There are communication and science classes, sure. But there’s also fire science technology, truck driver training, electrical maintenance and automation, and cosmetology. At first, it can seem difficult to create a common ground. Stick with it. Like students at all colleges, you’re bound to bond over your own quirkiness. (Perhaps in your Spanish study group.)

SCC’s near-downtown location makes it not just a community college filled with middle-aged moms looking for a new niche in the job market, but also a place to have the same sort of an experience offered by a four-year establishment. The attitude of the students, who are downright enthusiastic about getting involved, flies in the face of the hoary old “community-college students just don’t care” stereotype.

Like any college worth its diploma, SCC possesses more than enough “hook-up” places. Favorites include the upstairs running track in the gym, the library (an old college favorite) and, surprisingly, the chemistry lab. They all make SCC a good place not only to develop a technical skill but also to, um, develop some “technical skills.”

The Lil Big Foot, the most popular hangout for SCC students. offers booze, foosball and pool tables. Or try out Bluz at the Bend, a nearby comedy-and-live-entertainment bar.

Annie Fannie’s Bar and Grill offers those two things every good bar needs: great food and great pool tables.

With a commuter campus, getting off the grounds is easy. But if you want isolation around here, your best option is to take yourself for a walk down by Chief Garry Park or the river.

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