Spokane elections see most outside money ever, Catholic Charities security team can make arrests, and other headlines


 As the audience reaction made clear at last week's mayoral debate, you can't add together statistics for substance use and mental health among those who are homeless (because often it's co-occurring). While the issues are part of the discussion, the National Coalition for the Homeless says there's a bigger thing to focus on: housing.

NEWS: Want to know which Spokane candidates believe in climate change, aren't sure how large a role humans play, and who thinks it's a priority? Here's a snapshot of the climate change candidate forum that happened earlier this month.


Spokane elections see more outside money than ever

Among those who've pumped independent money into the election this season is third-generation Spokane real estate heir Fritz Wolff, who, with his wife Katie, has put at least $211,000 toward conservative politicians and causes over the last two years, the Spokesman-Review reports. 

Catholic Charities trains security team
In response to security concerns, Catholic Charities has a new security team that will patrol its downtown properties with the ability to make arrests, KXLY reports.

Woman acting suspiciously killed by Boise police
After responding to reports a woman was acting suspiciously Sunday morning and knocking doors, police in Boise responded. After they say she pointed a weapon at them, they shot and killed her, the Idaho Statesman reports.   

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