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Spokane is Reading feat. Wiley Cash

Something awful has happened at a snake-handling, faith-healing church, where newspapered windows block out both light and judging eyes. In Wiley Cash’s best-selling debut novel A Land More Kind than Home, we watch this story unravel through the perspectives of a 9-year-old boy, a tired sheriff and an elderly woman, and learn that Pastor Chambliss is at the center of more than one tragedy in this small community. As this year’s featured author for the 16th annual community reading program Spokane is Reading, Cash is set to speak in Spokane this Thursday for sessions in the afternoon and evening, exploring the book’s themes of love, courage and the darkness within us.

Thu, Nov. 9 • Free • Spokane Valley Event Center (1 pm) • 10514 E. Sprague • Spokane Public Library (7 pm) • 906 W. Main •

— Samantha Wohlfeil

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