Young Kwak

Spokane Kitty Cantina

Spokane's first cat café, opened summer 2020, unites coffee and kitty snuggles, a very winning combination. By partnering with local nonprofit SpokAnimal, the cat cafe's "kitty lounge" is regularly "stocked" with adoptable cats and kittens, which can be visited by reservation or when the café has available space for drop-ins. Food and drink, ranging from traditional espresso to milkshakes and other liquid treats, along with pastries and snacks, are sold in a separate space but can be enjoyed by customers in the cat lounge, or while seated outside the glass-walled space if they'd prefer to casually observe its oft-rambunctious feline residents. Kids are welcome, but must follow some basic rules to keep themselves and the kitties safe, which means adult supervision is required.



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