Spokane mayoral candidates debate, Oregon senators hide, and other headlines


NATION: An oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is much worse than initially thought.

Q&A: We chatted with Waste Management to find out what's actually happening with our recycled materials. Learn more about that, plus what you can and can't recycle, here.


What lurks beneath...
Speaking of the Gulf, a giant squid was caught on camera there last week, the media reported Tuesday. It's the first to be caught on camera in U.S. waters. Hooray for not getting in the ocean this summer! (CBC)

Left behind by the Trump train
"The 207 counties that flipped from supporting Barack Obama in 2012 to voting for Donald Trump in 2016 are credited with handing Mr. Trump his victory — and for serving as a referendum on the country's economic ailments. But two years later, those counties are still 'left behind,' a new report finds." (CBS)

Mo' Mueller
Special counsel Robert Mueller will testify to Congress regarding his investigation into Trump's 2016 campaign . (Washington Post)

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The fightin' five
Spokane's five mayoral hopefuls debated solutions for homelessness and downtown crime at a League of Women Voters candidate forum yesterday. Get the details from the Spokesman-Review.

Still hiding
Oregon senators are still on the run! (Washington Post)

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