by Joel Smith & r & & r & Home of the Brave 2007 & r & After three days of filming in Greenwood Memorial Terrace and Browne's Addition, the production -- which is slated to star Samuel L. Jackson, 50 Cent and Jessica Biel, among others -- packed up the trucks and moved to Vancouver, B.C.

End Game 2006,br & We don't know when (or if) this is going to hit the big screen and, frankly, we don't care -- we hear they cut out all the scenes they shot at Inlander headquarters, using Inlander staffers as extras. Oh, well. At least we got to ogle Angie Harmon. (James Woods never graced us with his presence, but Cuba Gooding Jr., um, flirted with a couple of our staffers.)

Mozart and the Whale 2005 & r & Josh Hartnett and Radha Mitchell don't let the fact that they both have Asperger's Syndrome (kind of like autism) get in the way of their budding romance. The film's eye-rolling and grammatically questionable tagline? "They don't fit in. Except together." Filmed around downtown Spokane, it's scheduled for a limited regional release on April 14.

The Basket 1999 & r & Peter Coyote brings love and basketball to Eastern Washington in the wake of World War I. All is well, until some Germans move into the area. Ever the sage, Coyote lets the tension play out on the hardwoods -- in a scene shot in the Masonic Temple's downstairs ballroom.

Smoke Signals 1998 & r & Two young Coeur d'Alene Indian men -- one a nerd, one a hunk -- travel together from the North Idaho rez to Phoenix, Ariz., and argue about what it means to be a Native American, in this road movie based on stories by Sherman Alexie.

Dante's Peak 1997 & r & A volcano threatens to wipe out Wallace, Idaho. On sabbatical from more pressing missions with MI6, Pierce Brosnan tries to convince the locals that they're about to be destroyed, and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that his wife just died in a sea of bubbling magma. Linda Hamilton helps him get over it.

Benny & amp; Joon 1993 & r & Johnny Depp apes Buster Keaton in Riverfront Park, but not before mimicking Charlie Chaplin's dancing forks routine (from The Gold Rush) at the lunch counter at Ferguson's. The upshot? Property values surge in Peaceful Valley, where the titular characters live.

Toys 1992 & r & Robin Williams and Joan Cusack try to stop their warmonger uncle from turning the family toy factory into another cog in the military-industrial complex, in this surreal and critically panned film, shot partially in the wheat fields around Spangle and Rosalia.

Vision Quest 1985 & r & High school wrestler Matthew Modine goes ga-ga for artist Linda Fiorentino, and Madonna sings "Crazy for You" at the Bigfoot Tavern on the North Side. Not nearly as psychedelic as the title would suggest.

Why Would I Lie? 1980 & r & Spokane hits the big screen for the first time in 77 years, and the dozen or so people who turn up to see Treat Williams play a compulsive liar named "Cletus" (doesn't exactly help the small-town reputation) stop calling it "Spo-kaine" for a week or two.

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