This is a past event.

Spokane Print Fest 2020

It’s not the Spokane Print Fest that organizers had planned for their second edition, but there’s no doubt it’s going to be epic, even in the age of COVID. If you’re at all interested in printmaking yourself, or are just a fan of the art form, the Spokane Print Fest has something sure to pique your interest, from weekly hands-on workshops at the Spokane Print & Publishing Center to gallery shows online or in-person at the MAC, Terrain Gallery, Saranac Art Projects, Chase Gallery online and elsewhere, to virtual panel discussions via Zoom featuring folks like author Sharma Shields and artist Mary Farrell. See the event’s Facebook event page for complete details, tickets and more.

Starts Fri, Nov. 6 at 3 pm, further dates and times vary • Facebook: Spokane Print Fest 2020

— Dan Nailen

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