Spokane River Sound Action

Many of us have been on or near the Spokane River, even underneath its surface for a short period of time, and can recall the sound of waves and splashing. But the Spokane River is so much more. Discover the many songs and voices of that river during a January multimedia and sound exhibition from Laboratory Art + Residency’s current residents: Jeremy Sherrer, who goes by SPKYY, and Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney, who collaborate under the name Mill Canyon Sound Actions. Kang, Kenney and Sherrer are also livestreaming a special performance Jan. 11 at 6 pm, featuring guests Kite (Oglala Lakota) and Robbie Wing (Cherokee).

Spokane River Sound Action • Through Jan. 22; open Fri from 4-7 pm and Sat from 10 am-3 pm • Free • Gonzaga University Urban Arts Center • 125 S. Stevens St. • facebook.com/GUUAC

— Carrie Scozzaro

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