Spokane Salad Delivery offers daily deliveries of fresh-made meals

click to enlarge The pulled pork salad comes with a barbecue vinaigrette. - SPOKANE SALAD DELIVERY
Spokane Salad Delivery
The pulled pork salad comes with a barbecue vinaigrette.
As takeout dining continues to be a popular alternative for many who still want to enjoy and support local restaurants while keeping themselves safe during the pandemic, more options for fresh food delivered to your door have also popped up.

Spokane Salad Delivery is one of the newest options, offering more than 10 full-sized salads made fresh each day.

Owner Ryan Willcockson launched the company in May in hopes of giving locals more options for healthy food. From salad building to delivery, Willcockson dove head-first into his business. Although he doesn’t come from a professional culinary background, he saw the demand in the area and wanted to help fill it.

Customers can visit Spokane Salad Delivery’s easy-to-use website (spokanesalads.com) to order for delivery the following day (same-day orders aren’t available). While there’s an option to order any salad from the menu, any day of the week for $17 each (delivery included), each day of the week includes a special featured salad for $15. There’s also a weekly special served daily that rotates at the start of each week.

From a Mexican grilled chicken Cobb to sweet kale and Thai cabbage, the complete menu offers a variety of flavors and ingredients. Each salad listed has a detailed description to help customers make a decision. Then the following day, Willcockson delivers all orders between 7 am and noon directly to customers’ doorsteps or any other preferred destination. Any salad can be made vegan, and there’s a special notes section on the online ordering form to request substitutions and further personalize your dish. Orders can also be placed days in advance for those planning their meals further out.

The weekly vegan chopped and tossed salad ($15) packs a punch in each light and crunchy bite. The romaine lettuce houses soft, lightly seasoned tofu while fresh cucumbers and grape tomatoes bring a nice texture to each bite. Alongside those ingredients, kalamata olives pair well with the saltiness of the vinaigrette and pepperoncini, bringing the salad together into a delicious meal.

During salad prep, Willcockson emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean working environment, especially right now. Laughing at how he easily uses an entire case of gloves in one week alone, he says he’s glad Spokane Salad Delivery’s services can be offered with zero contact, and he’s careful to always be wearing a mask.

Salads are currently prepared at one of Kitchen Spokane’s locations in the NorthTown Mall. “It’s affordable, it’s clean, there’s plenty of space for us, and it’s accessible,” Willcockson says.

For his menu, Willcockson found creative inspiration from salad recipes he found online, while adding his own spin on items like a barbecue vinaigrette used in a pulled pork salad. He sources many ingredients from local producers like Charlie’s Produce and farmers markets around town, but also buys some products in bulk. His goal is to “find things that are clean to begin with,” while keeping his overhead cost-effective.

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