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Re: “Still Occupying

Oh my....now we have nimrods on display here in Spokane....
They might as well shout out in unison
"Where is my handout?"
"We want more more more....for nothin´"

Posted by spokanespark on 10/14/2011 at 2:54 AM

Re: “Deja Voting

Well the gal who is fake voting in the above picture is busting out of that undersized sweater…
Is the Inlander trying to make a political statement with this photo?
Seeking political advice from the Inlander is like seeking pharmaceutical advice from a medical marijuana shop…they are under qualified, under skilled and have no idea of interactions…

Posted by spokanespark on 10/11/2011 at 2:47 AM

Re: “The Debrief

Whoever wrote this piece for the Inlander, does not know Spokane political history…
Corker ran for mayor not once but twice; Corker also ran for council prez once before as well.
John Waite has run for council four times and has loss by large margins in each election. He just might be second to Barb Lampert for running and losing City Council elections…the difference is that Barb always runs in District #3; John has run in Distrct #3 and most recently District #1. He decided that he could not win in District #3 and now has learned he can’t win in District #1 either….
District #1 NEVER has a good turnout in the Primary or General election. They consistently have the worse turnout of any district in the City of Spokane; what’s new…
Mike Fagan’s opponent Donna McKereghan has run for city council before as well; yet you did not reference her as The Return of Donna McKereghan (Again) Do I smell a hint of bias towards McKereghan…At least Mike Fagan has never sued the City of Spokane…
FYI to the lame reporter(s) who worked on this poorly assembled piece: Cindy Zapotocky was the most successful GOP Chairman in Spokane County History bar none. More GOP folk were elected to office on her watch than any previous or current chairman …
Perhaps The Inlander should hire a actual political reporter…or at least someone who can do some research,,,,
Otherwise stick to puff pieces…

Posted by spokanespark on 08/26/2011 at 10:53 PM

Re: “Unbelievable

This is the worse picture ever. What junior high dilweed took this pic and who was the moron who placed it into the Inlander?
Send out a real photag with a real camera, spend 15 minutes and get a better picture.
It was obviously a staged picture and this was the best one, really? A picture of this low quality, leads one to suspect that The Inlander used the worse picture they had since they disagreed with Roth’s point of view....
Maybe this is one of the reasons Shea doesn´t return your phone calls Inlander staff...duh….
Don’t trust the Inlander Photags if the editors disagree with your politics folks….
Didn’t some photo-witch do a similar stunt to McCain in 2008?

Posted by spokanespark on 05/20/2011 at 3:49 AM

Re: “Together Again

2 of 2
Will the Spokesman Review or even the Inlander discuss any bankruptcies, divorce(s), former jobs as lobbyists and resigned offices due to scandal? They haven’t done this in the past with candidates which they endorsed…
One more point to consider. Did anyone notice that the Roy Murry story made the front page headline space; a spot generally reserved for top stories such as 911 attacks or war declarations. This unknown kid gets arrested in Vegas on a charge that will most likely be dismissed and happens to be the third choice on the list for the senate seat replacement. Debra Wilde, who is a longtime local celebrity, drove her car into a local creek, requiring rescue via emergency services and was arrested for Driving While under the Influence of Alcohol made a small mention on page A6. Wilde was also a former employee of the Spokesman Review associated company, KHQ 6.
Was the Spokesman Review reporting the news or manipulating it?

Posted by spokanespark on 02/17/2011 at 6:04 AM

Re: “Together Again

Where is the back story on this whole the 4th district senate seat appointment mess? Why has no ‘reporter’ or ‘journalist’ ask the question: Why did the 4th district PCOs form a slate of candidates? Why such a rash action? C’mon political reporters, give us a clue…(don’t hold your breath readers…)
Perhaps we should ask, why such a rash reaction on the part of the PCOs.
The 4th district PCOs are not a cult or a group of irrational politicos. They are a duly elected body of citizens of the 4th district. Their names were on the ballot and their fellow citizens elected them to serve. The PCOs function is to be their precinct’s voice if an elected official of the same party needs to be replaced.
A large majority of the 4th district PCOs were under the impression that Matt Shea would not be fairly considered to be the appointed state senator of the 4th district. Matt Shea is by far the most qualified person in the district to be McCaslin’s replacement. Why?
A) A Spokane area state rep is already in Olympia and has all the logistics of living and working there already resolved. This is not as much a factor if one lives in Thurston County or within reasonable driving distance of Olympia. From Spokane however, it is relevant. Since this was an in session appointment, time was indeed mission critical.
B) Matt Shea has two recent massive wins in the 4th district. (2008,2010) The voters there clearly believe he serves their interest well.
C) Any replacement senator by the PCOs needs to be someone who has a reasonable chance to be retained by the voters in November 2011. This is in the best interest of the GOP which the PCOs serve. Perhaps this is why Shea got the Spokane County GOP endorsement. Shea would more than likely not be challenged; saving the expense of an election. A newbie might force an expensive election; bad for the Spokane GOP…
D) Any current state rep is going to already have a working relationship with leadership in Olympia and local officials in their district. A newbie will not. There are two state reps for every district. If Shea became the State Senator, the 4th District would still be represented by the other state rep. Shea would be the one single person in the entire district that would be up to speed in the Senate seat in a minimal amount of time. In this case, time is mission critical.
E) Age is a factor. The more times one is elected to the senate, the more power they derive through seniority. Shea is in his early thirties. Baxter, mid forties; Paddon and Wilhite, mid sixties.
It’s not unreasonable to believe Shea would be a slam dunk expedient choice for the senate seat. Why then would these PCOs go to the trouble of forming a slate of candidates?
Because Todd Mielke made it clear he would not support Matt Shea’s appointment. Mielke, a former state rep, lobbyist and Spokane County Commissioner in his third year of his second term indicated his dislike for Shea this long before McCalsin stepped down.
This is the root cause of the PCOs creating a slate of candidates. (The slate tactic is not new, illegal or even frowned upon. The PCOS had a secret ballot and were not forced to go along with the slate. Polling before a vote is common practice before an official vote in bodies of elected officials. It happens in most critical votes in congress, city council, parliament, state senate, state house etc…)
Mielke should never have made this anti-Shea statement. He lost his temper and forgot that he is just an elected county commissioner, not the king for life of Spokane County. He did not act in the best interest of the people of Spokane County or the GOP; instead he acted out of ego, personality conflict or anger. Todd was hired by election by the voters to administrate the business of Spokane County; not carry out personal political vendettas at the expense of the best interest of the people of Spokane County and the GOP.
Ultimately, the blame for this entire debacle falls squarely on Todd Mielke. He used the power of his office to try to destroy Matt Shea; not just to keep him out of the senate seat, but to end his political career.
Was it fear, envy or eliminating a potential rival if McMorris – Rodgers steps down; we can only speculate. It is clear however Todd Mielke abused the power of his office. Todd’s act hurt the people of Spokane County, the GOP, and the honorable Matt Shea; a twice elected state rep and decorated combat veteran.
The Board of County Commissioners, The Spokesman Review and other folks are attempting to cast blame on the PCOs. With just a little reason one can see beyond the hype and find the root truth.
What will happen between now and November?
Mike Padden will announce with in the next two weeks that he will seek the senate seat in November, 2011. Jeff Baxter will decide if he will run and most likely will. Matt Shea will need to decide if he is going to stay in his rep seat, drop out of politics all together, run for state senate or even run for County Commissioner in 2012.
If Shea does run, expect the Spokesman Review and his opponents to trot out all this previously published dirt on him yet again (they first did it on July 31st, 2008 on the day the ballots were in the hands of the voters.) They are clearly in the Mielke camp when it comes to Matt Shea. (The Spokesman Review supported Shea’s opponent in 2008, Diana Wilhite. She did not win a single precinct.)
Will the Review trot out their file on Mike Padden, Todd Mielke, Mark Richards as well? I wonder if their personal information will make AP as well….
1 of 2

Posted by spokanespark on 02/17/2011 at 6:03 AM

Re: “Don't Forget JFK

If JFK were alive today, would he be democrat, no I’d say.
He lowered taxes in 1963, that’s sounds more like today’s GOP
I’d even bet JFK would sigh today, Join the democrats Bob, ahh, no way…
Dems have drifted so left and pagan, If JFK, were here now, he’d be more like Reagan…
‘I didn’t leave the DNC, No no no, the truth is the DNC left me!’
‘Ask not what your country can do for you’ are not current words of the democrat Blue
ask what you can do for your country’ Bob you see, are much more red state, most would agree…
One last point about JFK, he hated socialism, in every way…
He fought the evil empire, hammer, and sickle knife
It was a Communist / socialist, Bob, which ended his Life….

Posted by spokanespark on 02/06/2011 at 4:32 AM

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