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Star Wars: The Gavel Strikes Back

Not even Luke Skywalker, the galaxy’s greatest Jedi, can get away with blowing up other people’s things. In the mock trial “Galactic Empire v. Skywalker,” Gonzaga University School of Law students are holding the lightsaber-savvy Jedi responsible for detonating the Death Star, all the way back in Episode IV. Although the The Force Awakens has revived our collective interest in the outrageously popular saga, alas, for Luke, the statute of limitations doesn’t apply. The event raises funds for Wishing Star, a Spokane-based nonprofit that grants wishes to children and young adults with life-threatening conditions. Those who want to weigh in on the case can also join the jury, as Luke faces the gavel of reason.

Fri, Jan. 22, at 5:30 pm • $3-$5 • Gonzaga School of Law, Barbieri Courtroom • 721 N. Cincinnati • • 313-3771

— Claire Standaert

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