Stay fresh with cannabis-infused mints

On June 8, it became a requirement in the state of Washington: Employees at work need to wear masks. Prior to this, my mask-wearing was done in short bursts. Twenty minutes, tops, while picking up groceries. But after spending multiple hours wearing one last week, I noticed something new. The mask seemed to give me dry mouth, just like cannabis, except the mask wasn't getting me high.

Well, thankfully there's a way to solve that problem and also get high in the process — after work, of course.

Take a trip into the wonderful world of edibles and pick up a pack of infused mints. Personally, I wasn't too familiar with this category of edible until deciding to specifically seek some out in recent days. Dispensaries around town provide plenty of options, but these two brands really stood out above the rest to me.

This isn't the first time Swifts has been featured in this section over the years. The company's truffles have appeared multiple times and earlier this year it was their infused honey that caught my eye. So, no doubt an adventurous producer like this is also putting out some wild offerings in the mint market.

With flavors like chili mango, passion fruit and strawberry, Swifts is your go-to if you're tired of the traditional. Even their most traditional flavor, peppermint, is kicked up a notch with the addition of green tea. The tried and true herbs and spices other companies use are great, of course, but Swifts swerves away from the refreshing and into the mouthwatering.

There's just something that feels classic about these. The packaging is reminiscent of a tin of Altoids and almost looks out of place on a dispensary shelf. But don't worry, they're right where they belong. With traditional flavors and a broad range of potency options, everyone from big-time stoners to CBD wellness warriors can find what they're looking for.

If your aim is to kick back after work, their THC-only options might be best. If de-stressing is more your vibe, then take a look at their CBD offerings, which run the gamut from CBD-only through ratios of 1-1, 1-5, and all the way to the extreme 1 part THC to 25 parts CBD.

That 1-25 ratio might sound excessive, but it's actually perfect for microdosing. That said, they're about twice as spendy as the rest of the line. ♦

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