Stay woke with these socially conscious gifts for new parents knee deep in current affairs

Be careful. Those baby clothes you were going to buy for the new parents in your life? Turns out they all assume an outdated gender role (oh, and it's theybie now). That new toy? Turns out it was manufactured in a factory directly causing the rapid heating of the planet and the inevitable end of the human race. Those cute leather baby shoes? An animal was murdered for those. Yes, it seems like everything is #problematic when you're looking for a gift for woke parents. But don't worry, we have some gifts that they'll find acceptable, at least until they see the latest Slate article.


Woke parents know that their baby will grow up in a patriarchal society that still reveres and rewards some truly terrible men. So it's never too early for their child to learn about some inspiring women. With Baby Feminists, your infant or toddler will learn the names of feminists like activist Gloria Steinem, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and astronaut Mae Jemison. $10 • Kizuri 35 • W. Main Ave.


Now, your friend's small child can walk around comfortably without the heavy guilt that comes with contributing to an industry profiting off the slaughter of sad, helpless animals. These Sweet N Swag leather shoes are not only vegan, but the company says it donates hundreds of pairs to children in need each year. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and colors. $24 • French Toast Children's Boutique1170 W. Summit Pkwy.


The world around them may be changing, but children will always love to play. Don't ruin that simple joy by buying a woke parent toys that contribute to climate change and pollute the ocean. This play gym was made with sustainability in mind, from the manufacturing to the materials. It has two suspended toys to give a baby a workout and is designed to optimize child safety. $60 • French Toast Children's Boutique • 1170 W. Summit Pkwy.


How do woke parents have the energy to stay awoke all day? Coffee. And lots of it. It's hard to find better coffee than at Indaba, which is locally owned with several locations around downtown Spokane. Buy the woke parents you know a bag of coffee and make sure to tell them that Indaba donates a meal to someone who needs it with each bag sold. $15 • Indaba1425 W. Broadway Ave.

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