Stuff your stockings with these green goodies

Finding a gift for the weed lovers in your life doesn't have to be tough or expensive. In fact, there are plenty of wonderful gifts you won't even need to wrap. A good amount of the stuff in a marijuana user's toolbox would fit nicely in a stocking. And, since this stuff is kind of small, it has a tendency to go missing a bit easier than, say, a big bong. They might not be the most thought-intensive gifts you've ever given, but the things on this list will surely make someone smile.

Rolling Papers (A)

One of the most widely available pieces of paraphernalia, even before legalization, rolling papers are among the smoker's bare necessities. Unfortunately, each pack eventually runs out. Which means, you can't go wrong giving some as a gift even if the receiver already has their own. There are tons of brands to choose from including the more natural Raw papers and the stoner-culture classic Zig Zag, immortalized on the cover of Dr. Dre's 1992 debut album, The Chronic.

Grinder Card (B)

Once you have rolling papers, you're able to roll a joint. It won't be a very good one, though, if you don't have some way to grind the flower. Any smart stoner in your life already has a grinder sitting at home, but what about when they're on the go? The grinder card is a wallet-sized card that looks like one-part credit card, one-part cheese grater. Simply run your bud across the card and watch the ground flower fall through, ready to go.

Personal Air Filter (C)

Whether you're sharing a space with non-smokers or simply trying to avoid living in a cloud, it's hard to smoke weed without creating at least some pungent byproducts. This is where Smokebuddy comes in handy, literally, because it fits in your hand. The small, personal air filter is designed to help limit the amount of smoke that you breathe out after taking a hit. Smokebuddy has a variety of models available starting at $22 a pop.

Pre-rolled Blunts (D)

Reaching into a stocking often leads to pulling out something that you'd never have in your hand at any other time. Weird, Lego-shaped hard candy or those orange shaped chocolates come to mind. Just because you're shopping for a smoker doesn't mean you don't get to surprise them with something unexpected.

Never in my life have I bought a pre-rolled blunt. I normally even stay away from whole-gram pre-roll joints. Buying something that size for myself just isn't practical. But getting something like that for a gift? Yes, please! Consider the 1.5 gram Kimbo Kush by Top Shelf, available for $15 at Apex Cannabis on North Division.

Minty Fresh Breath (E)

The worlds of traditional and stoned stocking stuffers collide with a tin of Mr. Moxey's Mints. The Seattle company, founded by Mr. Tim Moxey, has spread nationwide and is one of the bigger names in the edible market. The packaging is simple, clean and reminiscent of a spruced-up tin of Altoids. They're available at dispensaries all over town as both THC and CBD mints spiced up with herbs like peppermint, cinnamon and ginger. ♦

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