by Sheri Boggs & r & For some of us, adventure means flying to new places, climbing parts of the world humans were clearly never meant to go or sea kayaking with big, rowdy orcas. For others, it can be as simple as discovering the world immediately around you - taking a road you've never traveled but always wondered about, or exploring the area's nearby (and numerous) lakes.

With that in mind, we put together a Summer Adventure issue with a little something for everyone. Our letterboxing piece (page 19) shows that this modern-day version of the Treasure Hunt is both intellectually engaging and low-tech (not to mention addictive). Our resident climber Luke Baumgarten, who has himself scaled Mount Kilimanjaro, offers some advice on three regional mountains to try before taking on Mount Rainier. As for the rest, we've got the lowdown on the Inland Northwest's rafting rivers, urban hiking areas, fishing holes and more. It's all meant to be beginner-friendly and also - if you've never set foot in a rubber raft before or don't know a crampon from Crayolas - inspiring. Summer Adventure is for everyone, not just experienced river guides, adrenaline junkies and uber-athletes. So enjoy, and let us know about some of your favorite summer haunts for next year.

For more of our Summer Adventure stories check out our Arts and Culture section.

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