Camp Four Echoes Troop Camping | Girl Scout troops can camp together, and participate in camp activities. May 30-June 1 ($25/person), June 27-29, July 18-20 and Aug. 1-3. $75/person. 800-827-9478

Camp Reed Family Camp | Experience the activities and scenery of camp as a family, in your own cabin and on your schedule. Offering waterfront activities, archery, arts and crafts, campfires and more. June 12-15. $660/family of four. 720-5630

Mom, Dad and Me | Young campers can experience sleep-away camp with a parent, including boating, crafts, hiking, swimming and more in a faith-based setting. Grades K-2 with parent. June 13-14. $135-$195. 731-4244

Camp Spalding Leadership Camp | A faith-based leadership camp for campers interested in becoming camp counselors. Grades 10-12. June 15-21. Application process required. $435. 731-4244

Idaho Servant Adventures | Summer ministry camp for junior and senior high school youth groups, at Lutherhaven’s Shoshone Mountain Retreat. 5-6 day programs offered June 15-Aug. 8. $231.

Girl Scouts Summer Day Camps | Day camp program offers themed weeks with activities in the teaching kitchen, crafts, science projects, outdoor activities, art, and more. Lunch and snacks included. Ages 5-17. Weekly sessions offered June 16-Aug. 29. $130/week. 800-827-9478

SOLE Gap Expedition (Idaho) | A 5-to-14 day expedition exploring the Selkirk Mountains of North Idaho, focusing on the area’s geology, ecology and outdoor living skills. Ages 16-21. June 16-29. $1,555-$1,650 (scholarships available). 928-351-7653

Camp Spalding | Campers ride horses, swim, boat, zip-line, play team sports and more at a faith-based camp. Grades 2-4: June 18-21 and Aug. 10-13; grades 5-6: June 22-28 or July 20-26; grades 7-8: July 6-12 or Aug. 3-9; grades 9-12: June 29-July 5 or July 27-Aug. 2. $210-$435. 731-4244

You and Me, Kid! | Kids can experience a weekend of camp activities at Camp Sweyolakan with a parent, guardian or older sibling. June 20-22. $45/ages 4+, $80/adult. 747-6191 x10

Twinlow MADD Camp | Music, arts, dance and drama camp in a faith-based setting. Grades 8-12. June 22-27. $350-$400. 208-352-2671

Camp Lady of the Lake | A traditional arts camp on Lake CdA offering dancing, music, storytelling and singing workshops alongside traditional camp activities including swimming, canoeing and more. Ages 12-17. June 22-28. $520. Family camp week Aug. 17-23, ($150-$595/person). 406-581-8178

Mivoden Adventure Camp | Young campers experience activities ranging from water skiing to arts and crafts, in a faith-based setting. Ages 8-10. June 22-29. $310. 242-0506

Mivoden Challenge Camp | A faith-based camp featuing a high and low challenge course, with field trips and more. Ages 12-15. June 22-29. $330. 242-0506

Mivoden CIT Camp | A camp for those interested in becoming future camp counselors at the faith-based camp. Ages 15-18. June 22-29. $160. 242-0506

Spalding Pioneer Camp | Faith-based camp focusing more on outdoor adventures and activities, including camping in teepees, outdoor cooking and more. June 22-28 (grades 7-8), June 29-July 2 (grades 2-4), July 6-12 (grades 9-12) and July 13-19 (grades 5-6). $210-$415. 731-4244

Mivoden Cowboy Camp | Faith-based camp focusing on horsemanship, trail riding, barn care and more. Ages 10-17. Sessions offered June 22-July 20. $340. 242-0506

Ross Point Baptist Camp | A faith-based camp on the Spokane River offering traditional camp activities, worship, bible studies, games, singing, prayer and more. Grades 2-12. Sessions offered June 22-27 (grades 6-9), June 27-28 (grades 2 and under), June 29-July 4 (grades 9-12), July 6-9 (grades 2-4), July 6-11 (grades 4-6), and a family camp July 27-Aug. 2. $175-$252. 208-773-1655

Pacific Northwest Cross Connection | A camp experience designed for area youth groups working on a servant mission project. Sessions offered June 22-Aug. 8. $275. 208-352-2671

Twinlow Junior Camps | Campers spend a week developing water skills on the lake, fishing, sailing and swimming at this faith-based camp. Grades 4-6. Sessions offered June 22-27, July 6-11 and July 27-Aug. 1. Fish ‘n’ Sail offered Aug. 3-8. $330-$425. 208-352-2671

Twinlow Junior High Camp | Faith-based camp offering traditional camp activities including archery, crafts, canoeing and more. Grades 6-8. June 22-27, July 27-Aug. 1; Watersports camp July 20-25 and Aug. 3-8. $325-$425. 208-352-2671

Camp Reed Mini Camp | Young campers can experience traditional camp activities like swiming, boating, arts and crafts, hiking and more. Boys and girls entering grades 1-2. Three-day sessions from June 22-Aug. 19. $215-$225. 720-5630

Camp Lutherhaven | Faith-based resident camp on Lake Coeur d’Alene, offering traditional camp activities including ropes courses, camp-outs, water sports, Bible study, archery and more. 3-day and 6-day sessions for grades 1-12 offered from June 22-Aug. 20. $110-$448. 866-729-8372 x 113

Shoshone Creek Ranch | Faith-based horseback trail riding programs teaching horsemanship, leadership skills and more. Six-day programs (grades 5-12) offered June 22-Aug. 20. Family weekends include Ranch Hands Weekend, July 18-20; Father/Child Ranch Weekend, July 25-27; and Wild Women at the Ranch, Aug. 1-3. $348-$448/six-day session; $142/adult and $45/child for family weekends. 1-866-729-8372

Camp Reed | Experience traditional camp activities including swimming, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, ropes courses, archery, campfires and more. Boys and girls entering grades 3-9. Weeklong sessions from June 22-Aug. 22. (Horse program/units available; age 10 and up, additional $25-$150.) $375-$450/session 720-5630

Camp Reed CIT Program | Counselor in training program, offering group dymanics, leadership, stewardship and more to train future camp counselors. Each session includes 2 weeks of camp, 1 work week and a 300-mile bike trip week. Grade. $10 and up. June 22-July 5 and July 27-Aug. 9. $540-$550. 720-5630

Riverview Bible Camp | Faith-based camp offering outdoor adventures, swimming, archery, guest speakers, music and more. June 23-27. $205-$235. 445-1195 (camp), 487-2786 (office)

Natural Resources Camp | Young campers learn about the natural resources of Idaho, including fish, wildlife, forests and water. June 23-28, at the Central Idaho 4-H camp in Ketchum, Idaho. Ages 12-14. $235-$255, scholarships available. 208-736-3634

Camp Gifford | Experience traditional camp activities including canoeing, swimming, fishing, crafts and more in a faith-based setting. Ages 7-17. Weekly sessions offered June 23-Aug. 1. $212/session (scholarships available). 233-2511

Peak 7 Father-Son Rafting Trip | A multi-day father-son trip on the Grande Ronde River, with all equipment and food provided. Boys age. $13 and up. June 25-29. $275/person. 467-5550

Camp Four Echoes (grades 1-3) | Themed camp sessions include Discoverers, Friendmakers, Princess Passion and Splish Splash, and offer traditional camp activities including hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, campfire songs and more. Girls entering grades 1-3. 3-5 day sessions offered June 25-27, June 29-July 3, July 15-18 and Aug. 3-7. $165-$295. 800-827-9478

Camp Four Echoes (grades 4-6) | Themed camp sessions include Adventurers, Homesteaders, Mad Science, Crafty Campers, Jump in the Lake and more. Camps offer traditional activities including swimming, arts and crafts, hiking and games. Girls entereing grades 4-6. 3-6 day sessions offered June 25-Aug. 7. $165-$345. 800-827-9478

Camp Four Echoes (grades 7-12) | Themed sessions include Art to Wear, Nocturnals, Just Chill, Imaginarium, Everything H2O, Canoe the CdA and more. Camps include traditional activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, arts and crafts and more. Girls entering grades 7-12. 3-11 day sessions offered June 25-Aug. 7. $165-$530. 800-827-9478

Camp Four Echoes CIT | Older girls learn leadership and outdoor skills needed to become future camp counselors. Girls entering grades 9-12. June 25-Jul. $11 (CIT C), July 15-25 (CIT A) and July 27-Aug. 7 (CIT B). $500-$540. 800-827-9478

Camp Cross | Faith-based sleep-away camp on Lake CdA offering team-building exercises, arts and crafts, swimming, hiking, campfires, worship and more. June 28-July 3 (grades 4-6), July 9-11 (grades 2-3), July 13-19 (grades 10-12) and Aug. 10-15 (grades 7-9). $130-$290. 624-3191

Mivoden Teen Camp | Faith-based camp for teens, offering friendship opportunities, traditional camp activities and more. Ages 13-17. June 29-July 6. $310. 242-0506

Mivoden Wakeboard Camps | Catch some air and learn how to wakeboard at a faith-based camp. Ages 13-16. Sessions offered June 29-July 20. $335. 242-0506

Mivoden Extreme Teen Camps | A camp for teens who want to push themselves, offering tough climbs, whitewater rafting and survival techniques. Ages 12-17. Sessions offered June 29-July 25. $320-$340. 242-0506

Twinlow Primary Camp | A shorter camp stay for younger campers, offering crafts, games, swimming and faith-based learning opportunities. Grades 1-3. Offered June 29-July 2 and Aug. 3-6. (Campers have the option to stay a fourth night each session for +$25.) $175-$225. 208-352-2671

Shoshone Mountain Retreat | A faith-based camp experience offering leadership skills, horseback trail riding, river tubing, rock climbing, hiking and more. Ages 8-18. June 29-July 3, July 3-6 and Aug. 11-16. $141-$365. 1-866-729-8372

Camp Sweyolakan | Traditional sleep-away camp on Lake CdA offering swimming, outdoor activities, arts and crafts and more. Grades 1-12. Eight 6-night sessions offered June 30-Aug. 24. Special needs sessions July 7-12 and July 28-Aug. 3. $375-$525/session. 747-6191 x10

Camp Sweyolakan CIT | High school juniors and seniors who wish to become future camp counselors learn leadership skills and more. Open to boys and girls entering grades 11-12. Senior CIT, June 30-July 27; Junior CIT, July 28-Aug. 24. Application process/prerequisites needed. $990/4 week session. 747-6191 X10

Twinlow Family Camp | Familes of all sizes are invited to camp during the Fourth of July weekend, offering barbecues, fireworks and games on the waterfront. July 3-5. $50/person. 208-352-2671

Lutherhaven Family Vacation Weekend | Families can experience a traditional sleep-away camp together in a faith-based setting. July 3-6. $30/person.

Parker’s Place Camp | A special faith-based camp session for families who have lost a child. July 3-6. $30/person. 1-866-729-8372

Camp Cross Family Sessions | A faith-based family camping retreat on Lake CdA, offering traditional camp activities, kid-free time for parents and more. Offered July 4-7 and Aug. 29-Sept. 1. $300/family of three; $50/addtl. adult 18+ and $50/addtl. youth ages 6-17. 624-3191

Mivoden Junior Camp | A “tween” camp offering activities such as horsemanship, watersports, outdoor exploration and more, in a faith-based setting. July 6-13 (ages 11-13) and July 13-20 (ages 10-12). $310. 242-0506

Twinlow High School Camps | Offering a watersports-themed camp (July 27-Aug. 1) and the CrossFire camp (July 6-11), each offering traditional camp activities in a faith-based setting. Grades 9-12. Counselors in Training (grades 11-12) is June 29-July 11. $330-$425. 208-352-2671

Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp | A faith-based camp programs within the context of the great outdoors, offering traditional camp activities, Bible study and more. Ages 9-18. Sessions offered July 6-Aug. 17, specific camp dates based on child’s age. 208-263-3912

Twin Lakes Junior High Camp | “Faith-based camp offering outdoor activities and games with Bible study and devotions. Boys and girls grades 7-8. July 7-12. $185.

SOLE Gap Expedition (Mont.) | A 14-day educational expedition exploring the Upper Missouri River corridor once traveled by David Thompson and Lewis & Clark. Ages 16-25. July 11-24. $1,650-$1,750 (scholarships available). 928-351-7653

Clearwater Arts Camp | Campers focus on a chosen art form or experiment in multiple areas, including music, visual arts, drama and dance, in a faith-based setting. Grades 7-12. July 13-19. $435. 731-4244

Twin Lakes Junior Camp | Traditional sleep-away camp offering outdoor activities, games, crafts and more in a faith-based setting. Grades 4-6. July 14-19 (girls) and July 21-26 (boys). $165.

Teen Wilderness Camp | A 5-day backpacking trip into the Selkirk Mountain Range of North Idaho, teaching leadership, mountaineering, ecology and more. Ages 14-17. July 20-25. $550-$625. 208-263-2217

Twin Eagles Wilderness Adventure Camp | Campers experience nature and learn skills including wilderness survival, wildlife tracking, wild edible plants and more. July 20-25 (ages 10-13) July 28-Aug. 3 (ages 13-18). $595-$695. 208-265-3685

SOLE Teen Trek Experiences | Explore the backcountry of northwestern Montana while learning about outdoor leadership, living and environmental awareness. Ages 14-18. Offered July 28-Aug. 2 and Aug. 20-26. $495-$795. (scholarships available) 928-351-7653

Camp NEWA | Annual junior grange camp, offering outdoor activities, leadership opportunities and more. Ages 9-14. Aug. 3-9. At the NE Wash. Jr. Grange Camp in Colville, Wash. $150-$175. 535-1165 or 796-4582

Lutherhaven Kindercamp | Children are invited to experience sleep-away camp with a family member or adult and enjoy the outdoor activities and scenery in a faith-based setting. Kids ages 4-5. Aug. 8-10. $120/adult-child pair; $45 each addtl. child. 1-866-729-8372

Mivoden Family Camp | The whole family can attend this faith-based camp together, staying in cabins or in RVs, participating in classes, evening campfire sessions and more. Sessions offered Aug. 10-17 and Aug. 17-24. $250-$320/person. 242-0506

Peak 7 Adventures | Campers take a five-day backcountry trip through the Okanogan National. Forest, learning navigation skills, “leave no trace” ethics and more in a faith-based camp. Ages 13-18. Aug. 11-15. $250 (scholarships available). 252-0075

Spalding Family Camp | The whole family can experience camp together, including boating, barbecuing, arts and crafts, swimming and more in a faith-based setting. Aug. 13-17. $60-$340/person. 731-4244

Cocolalla Family Camp | Families participate in a faith-based camp together, offering swimming, canoeing, programmed activities and more. Aug. 15-17. $75/couple; $10/child. 208-263-3912

Camp Reed Horse Camp | A version of Camp Reed’s traditional week-long camp, with horses, including trail riding and other activities. Ages 13-15. Aug. 17-22. (limited availability; campers must have experience with horses or completed a prior Camp Reed horse unit). $500. 720-5630

Cocolalla Backpacking Camp | A four-day backpacking trip offering Bible studies, swimming, fishing, survival skills and fellowship. Ages 13-18, Aug. 20-23 and Aug. 26-29 (intermediate level hiking). $150. 208-263-3912

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