Summer Loving

North Idaho College students take a crack at creating our Summer Camps cover

click to enlarge JON HAYENGA
Jon Hayenga

Camp means something different to everyone. The place you had your first kiss. Where you learned to shoot an arrow. Precious time away from parents. It's an unique challenge for any artist to capture.

As art director of the Inlander, it's a task that usually falls to me. But while giving a talk to a graphic design class at North Idaho College, I offered up the opportunity for students to take a whack at designing the Summer Camps cover. They didn't disappoint. Turn to page 28 to see the one I chose to use, but first take a moment to peruse the other submissions here. In them, you can see flashes of brilliance and nostalgia for that most important rite of passage: camp. ♦

click to enlarge SYDNEY SALES
Sydney Sales
click to enlarge JOSH STRAUB
Josh Straub
click to enlarge JOSHUA BLAKLEY
Joshua Blakley
click to enlarge ROSALYNN DELONEY
Rosalynn Deloney
click to enlarge NATHAN DRECHSEL
Nathan Drechsel
click to enlarge NATHAN HERSEY
Nathan Hersey

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