Surviving Sasquatch

Here are our picks for who to see (and a few to skip).

Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters


If you got a ticket to Sasquatch, get there early to see Mould, the unmistakable voice of Hsker D and Sugar, who has gone on to have a solid solo career. Even if you don’t know who he is, go listen for all of us who were pissed that Mould was added after the damn festival sold out.  Sasquatch Stage, 5:45 pm

The dance-punk revival of the early 21st century was fresh when Death from Above 1979 was born, and their influence on acts that have followed is difficult to overstate. Their breakup five years ago seemed fitting, but they’ve reunited to bring their furious live show of brutal noise-disco to Sasquatch. Sasquatch, 8 pm

Alternative beasts Foo Fighters are the perfect band to kick off Sasquatch. Their loud, arena-ready rock is sure to start the weekend on a loud note. Sasquatch, 9:30 pm


Spokane’s very own Globes will be rocking Sasquatch’s second-biggest stage this year, another exhibit in the case that they’re well into their rise to fame. Their slithering, technical indie rock is sublime when enjoyed in the sun with a beer, so make sure you’ve brought plenty of cash. Yeti, 1:20 pm

Quite possibly one of the biggest icons in modern rock — J Mascis will play the mid-sized stage at Sasquatch. Weird, but fitting. The Dinosaur Jr. frontman’s latest album, Several Shades of Why, is the exact opposite of DJ: pretty, emotive and whisper-quiet. If you miss Mascis, you should be smacked. Yeti, 4:35 pm

Portland’s incredible DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid blend heavy bass with the sounds of Bollywood. Trust us: A bunch of beers in your belly and their performance on stage are the perfect combination for your afternoon. Banana Shack, 6:05 pm

Quite possibly the loudest band on the planet, Sleigh Bells has a live shows that blasts the messy girl-popinfected noise rock they’ve branded. Don’t get too close — you want to hear the rest of the festival. Banana Shack, 10:10 pm


Sasquatch seems like an awfully big stage for the dreamy garage-pop of rising stars Smith Westerns. But if their wonderful last record is any indicator, these boys have grown up quite a bit since their debut and are sure to control the stage with their original take on breezy summer rock. Sasquatch, 12 pm

The introversion and reverberant hums of Beach House will probably not start a dance party, but their relaxing beauty surely can’t be missed. Sasquatch, 4:20 pm

To call Gold Panda’s smooth, crackling electronic music dubstep would be an insult — he may be dancefloor-ready, but he makes every pulse feel so intimate. Banana Shack, 7:25 pm

It’s only natural that ‘Squatch veterans the Flaming Lips would return to play the 10th anniversary show. But Wayne, Steven, Michael and Kliph are giving Lips fans a huge treat, performing The Soft Bulletin — the band’s absolutely perfect 1999 album — front to back. It is impossible not to go nuts during “Race for the Prize.” Sasquatch, 8 pm

You’re gonna have to stretch yourself here to see both the Lips and Flying Lotus, but both are worth it. Flying Lotus’ 2010 album, Cosmogramma, was one of our favorites of last year: an intricately layered, complex, technical piece of electronica. Banana Shack, 8:40 pm


The current kings of low-fidelity surf-punk, Wavves, is likely the most appropriate band playing this entire festival. Fusing elements of ’60s girl-group pop, electronic music and garage rock, they make a pretty big sound for a band their size. The fact that every song has a killer hook is pretty much icing on the cake. Sasquatch, 11:30 am

Ditch out on Chromeo (playing on the big stage) and go see Black Mountain, the vintage space-rockers with a big, fuzzy, laid-back sound. Bigfoot Stage, 3 pm

The originators of home-recorded, lo-fi indie pop, Guided by Voices are legendary in the music world. The scrappy folk-rock that they laid claim to in the late ’80s and early ’90s influenced more “indie” music than any band after them could dream of. Don’t miss a chance to see the original lineup. Sasquatch, 3:50 pm

BEST COAST If you missed them in Spokane last year, catch the simple, beachy girlpop of California’s Best Coast here. It’s the kind of music you go to these fests to see. Yeti, 6:45 pm

You know that dance-pop-rock you’re into right now? Yeah, !!!’s been doing that since the mid-’90s. Clue yourself in at the tiny stage. Bigfoot, 7:30 pm

The only thing better than seeing indie rockers Deerhunter, arguably the best band playing Sasquatch this year, is the intimacy of seeing them play the smallest stage. Bigfoot, 9 pm

Hope you’ve still got plenty of energy — the hip-hop-infused reggae-electrohouse of double DJ force Major Lazer will make sure Sasquatch goes out with a bang. Banana Shack, 9:30 pm

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