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Something to Celebrate!

The 27th annual Best of the Inland Northwest reminds us of all that's great about this precious place we call home

Something to Celebrate!
Jon Merrell illustration

It feels like a completely different world from back in February when we collected your votes on how much you love all your favorite places. One thing that's different is that we appreciate it all more than ever. The people who make our pizza, from those judged the best to those with just a handful of votes, are even heroic now. Our way of life has been put into perspective in recent weeks, and we can all agree that what we've had to put on hold is a beautiful thing. We're ready to get back to enjoying it all. We'll get there.

So while this may seem a frivolous escape, it's far from it. This is a compendium of who we are and a lot of what we hold dear. A tasty local brew. An amazing donut. A crucial charity event. These are the pieces of our lives — where we make our marks on the world, the sources of our joy, the places where we gather to laugh.

We'll come back strong from this challenge, and it will be because so many of us are making sure this place is great — from Spokane to North Idaho to all the neighborhoods and towns in between.

So support our winners as you can — in fact, support any and every favorite local institution you love. And stay tuned to the Inlander, where we'll continue to keep you connected to all of it.

— Ted S. McGregor Jr.,

Americans and the Holocaust @ Gonzaga University

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