& & by Mike Corrigan & & & &

Sweet kidneys! There's a ton of working musicians in this town. The idea here, of course, was to get everyone listed, pigeonholed and categorized for easy digestion by the casual reader. It's great to see so many performers out there, filling the Spokane nights with a racket, but sheesh. The deeper I scratched, the more I uncovered until I was staring at 200-plus entries. I did my best to track you all down, but I know I missed a bunch.

So, to those we missed, to those who no longer exist or to those listed at the bottom of each of these categories (because we couldn't reach you), let us know what's going on. If you have a bio, super cool band photo or new CD, send it to us. If you have a lineup change or a hot gig, let me know about it. All you gotta do is call (325-0634, ext.34). Or e-mail (mike@inlander.com). Or fax me (444-4772). And as for all you readers, stay tuned to the Sound Advice section of this newspaper every week to stay current on local bands and touring shows. So here's the list:

& & Alternative & & & &

& & The 4th Kind & &

Dan the Hitman, Dr. Will Powers, Space Casey, Adrian the Android

Genre: High-energy instrumental surf/spy/outer space music

Sounds like: Man or Astroman?, Dick Dale

& & 50fifty & &

Nate Corning, Jim Scollard, Gabe Burdett, Casey Burdett

Genre: Alternative guitar rock

Sounds like: Matchbox 20, Better Than Ezra

& & 10 Minutes Down & &

Preston Smith, Robbie Daytona, Jeremy Kirk, Paul Walton, Kyle Bradshaw, Matt Montag, Bill Weeks, Worlando Mangrobang, Ted Teske

Genre: Ska/punk

Sounds like: Motley Crue, Operation Ivy

& & Ball of Destruction & &

Dan Egan, Dave Starry, Mike Corrigan

Genre: Noisy garage pop & amp; rock

Sounds like: Modern Lovers, Guided By Voices, Ramones

& & Buddy Ruckus & &

Brian Ortize, Nick Tibbetts, Matt Lentz, Marquis Ashley

Genre: Pop/punk/rock

Sounds like: Midtown, Foo Fighters,

& & Kaysee Carl & &

Genre: Adult contemporary

Sounds like: Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket

& & Civilized Animal & &

Jason McKinney, James McKinney, Kenny Johnson, Lenny Fuson, Geoff Miller, Jake Winslow, Brian Callanan, Ryan Moore

Genre: Ska/funk/reggae

Sound like: Sublime, Miles Davis

& & Clintch & &

Eric Martin, Chris Sainsbury, Wally Anthony, Brian Samuelson, Kris Kafton

Genre: Hard progressive rock

Sounds like: Seven Deaths, Machine Head

& & East Side Destroyers & &

Gus Trapp, JT Hottinger, Rick Warner, James Hunt, Dee Farmin

Genre: Fast dragster punk

Sounds like: Turbo Negro, Nashville Pussy

& & Elderstaar & &

Alkemi (Brian Wendt) Martyr (Leon Josaitis) Israel (JJ Ham) Oracal (Jeremy Rice), Amiko (Adam Twiggs)

Genre: Hip hop hardcore

Sounds like: Wu Tang Clan, Zao, Rage Against the Machine

& & Feeling Nero & &

Liza Bailey, Michael Fairchild, Monty Hines, Richard Potts

Genre: Electric, eclectic folk and rock

Sounds like: Bob Dylan, Syd Barret, Jane's Addiction

& & Few and Far Between & &

Steve Wescott, Matt Bogue, Abe Wood, Brennan Sahajian, Lee Smith

Genre: Hard emo core

Sounds like: Stone Temple Pilots, Sunny Day Real Estate

& & Flourish & &

Mike Clark, Ben Bradford,

Steve Lambert, Scott Stone

Genre: Melodic power pop

Sounds like: The Replacements

& & God Fearing Nation & &

Three Fingers of Doom (Travis McAffe), Terry (Terry Boehm), Gotz (Ken Sele), Gmon5 (Greg Monek)

Genre: Industrial metal

Sounds like: Ministry, God Flesh

& & High Centered & &

Dile Minyard, Joey Tilton, Johnny Fisher

Genre: Funk/hip hop/hard core

Sounds like: Old Red Hot Chili Peppers

& & Jupiter Effect & &

Dan McElfish, Derek Neu, Armando Arguello

Genre: Alternative jazz/funk/rock

Sounds like: Beatles, Radiohead, Sublime

& & The Makers & &

Mike, Don, Jay and Jamie Maker

Genre: Primal garage rock meets T. Rex

Sounds like: Sonics, The Who, MC5

& & Mulligan & &

Brett Dechenne, Chris White, Greg White, Aaron Saye

Genre: Song-oriented, mature pop

Sounds like: Steely Dan, Supertramp

& & Nodo Chingo & &

Heather Swanstrom, Bruce Hormann, Tim Absalonson, Cyre Par

Genre: Pop punk ala '70s NYC

Sounds like: Iggy Pop, English Dogs

& & Offset & &

Travis Hottinger, JT Hottinger, Dave Brezinsky, Rick Warner

Genre: Dragster punk

Sounds like: New Bomb Turks, Supersuckers

& & Oil Filter & &

Cynthia Jenkins, Tony Franz, Matt Carver, Ryan Englund, Don Larson, Jr.

Genre: Heavily intense, intensely heavy

Sounds like: Melvins, Tad

& & The Other Way & &

Chris Bewick, Paul Felicijan, Jimmy Minton Jr.

Genre: Alternative rock/funk

Sounds like: Hendrix, James Brown, The Doors, Dave Matthews

& & The Panics & &

Mike May, Greg Kane, Bob Gallagher, Rory Marrero

Genre: Adult alternative rock

Sounds like: Wallflowers, Neil Young

& & The Rickets & &

(formerly 50 cc) Al Guess, Larry Reiner, Kory Kissell, John Cocker

Genre: Punk rock

Sounds like: Reo Speed Dealer

& & Satan in Yellow & &

Krush Kulesza, Silas McQuain, Durb, Sean VanBlaricom, Clint Estabrook

Genre: Karoake from hell

Sounds like: Johnny Horton, Jethro Tull, Slayer

& & Seawolf & &

Gus Trapp, Tim Absalonson, E.G. Bailey, Jon Swanstrom

Genre: Metal/alternative rock, electronic sounds

Sounds like: Foo Fighters, MC5

& & Stigma & &

Jeremy Bird, Josh Plummer, Grant Purdum, Travis Edwards

Genre: Alternative

Sounds like: Tool, Sublime, Def Tones

& & Sweet Fancy Moses & &

Robert Kaufman, Mark Kelley, Mike Hermanson, Derek Neu

Genre: Roots/rock

Sounds like: John Mellencamp, Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls

& & Trailer Park Girls & &

Doug Clark, Jeff Peterson, Charlie Schmidt

Genre: Satirical boomer pop

Sounds like: They Might Be Giants

& & Trampoline Girl & &

Jon Coker, Ryan Englund, Cale Bartlett, James MacAllister, Paul Wanker

Genre: Punk rock

Sounds like: NoFX, Zeke, AC/DC

& & Upper Class Racket & &

Doug Tobey, Kelly Delay, Brad Delay, Jason Corcoran, Erik Bergloff

Genre: Alternative rock/hip hop

Sounds like: The Clash, Tribe Called Quest

& & Vaudeville & &

H. Marc Bateman, Todd Schoenberger

Genre: Soul rock

Sounds like: Survivor, Toto

& & Vertigo Bliss & &

Dave Kotlan, Steve Hurlburt, Jack Stone

Genre: Swirly, guitar-based alternative rock

Sounds like: Matchbox 20, Van Halen

& & The Working Spliffs & &

Steve Jackson, Laurie Jackson, Jeff Omeron, Dave Held

Genre: Reggae and ska

Sounds like: Rolling Stones, The Clash, Bob Marley

& & Worm Drive & &

Travis Bonifield, Jake Evans, Steve Lacellas, Mike Sussman, Josh Burris

Genre: Heavy metal/bluesy/punk fusion

Sounds like: Metallica, Soundgarden, Tool

& & Other bands & &

DTS * Fly Real * Mellefluent * Suffice * Selfles * Six Degrees of Separation * Subtle * Eight Fold Path * Planetary Refugees * Hellrods * Alkalyne * Coffin Kings * Champion Birdwatchers * Thorin * HighVelocity * Superbirds * NFX * Hellequipped * Back to Three * After the Crash * Darryls * Fuze * Slim Pickens * Sounds of Sorrow * Lucid * Wicked Stitch * Illicit

& & Blues/Jazz & & & &

& & Aaron Richner & &

and the Blues Drivers

Aaron Richner, Dan Powers, Phil Bruni, Abe Kellmer

Genre: Electric blues

Sounds like: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy

& & Big Band Northwest & &

Genre: Modern original jazz

Sounds like: Bruce Diehl, Count Basie

& & Bone Daddies & &

Erich Munzner, Zach Cooper, Mike Murray, Eric Gholson

Genre: Electric Blues

& & Paul Brasch & &

Genre: Tried and true Delta Blues

Sounds like: Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters

& & Barry Bergstrom Quartet & &

Barry Bergstrom, Bill McCay, Doug Folkins, Dennis Larson

Genre: Progressive bebop/standards

Sounds like: John Coltrane, Charles Mingus

& & Caf & eacute; Blue & &

Russ Hoffer, Bob Spitahl, Peter Rey, Pat Coast, Keith Lewis, Bill Bancroft, Gary Smith, Tom Brewster

Genre: R & amp;B with a funky city sound

Sounds like: James Cotton, Neville Brothers

& & Britches Malone & &

and His Big Band

Genre: Big band sounds/swing/jazz/blues

& & Carl Rey & &

and the Blues Gators

Carl Rey, Michael Colyer, Deidre Hill, Ian Turner

Genre: Swingin' jumpstyle blues

Sounds like: Louie Jordan, Will Clark

& & Charlie Butts & &

and the Filtertips

Charlie Butts, Doug Senibaldi, Juel Rowden, Paul Mata, Rory Marrero

Genre: Rhythm and blues dance band

Sounds like: Gary Brown Band, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder

& & Pat Coast & &

and Out of the Blue

Pat Coast, Jan Danielson, Larry Brown, Bill Bancroft

Genre: Electric blues

& & Amadah Jantzen & &

Genre: Smooth, smoky jazz

& & Ken LeBarbera & &

Ken LeBarbera and Mike Chisholm

Genre: Traditional electric boogie blues

Sounds like: Howlin' Wolf, Memphis Slim, Hubert Sumlin

& & Laffin' Bones & &

Joe Lupan, Danny Lothrop, Neil Elwell, Dave Turner

Genre: Chicago style blues at a psychedelic dance club

Sounds like: Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy

& & Danny McCollim & &

Genre: Modern Jazz

Sounds like: Miles Davis Chick Corea

& & Menagerie & &

Pamela Benton, Terri Stewart

Genre: New age/smooth jazz

Sounds like: Annie Lennox, Sade, Peter Gabriel

& & Don Millard & &

Genre: Traditional and original blues on guitar, harmonica and harp

Sounds like: Mississippi John Hurt, Scrapper Blackwell, Muddy Waters

& & Mumbo Jumbo & &

Nim Bjorklund, Dane Winslow, Pat Barclay, Chip Busch, Jim Bruce, Rick Smith, Mike Lenke, Chuck Swanson

Genre: Big soundin' Rhythm and Blues on horns

Sounds like: Tower of Power, James Brown

& & Nothin' Personal & &

Scott Martinez, Dee Browning, Dan Frasu, Chris Klettke

Genre: Original rocking R & amp;B with a samba swing

Sounds like: Albert Collins, B.B. King, Robert Cray

& & Ben Staley & amp; Don Thomsen & &

Genre: Acoustic blues/folk

Sounds like: Sonny Terry, Bob Dylan, The Band

& & Swing Street & &

Genre: Big band and swing

& & Too Slim and the Taildraggers & &

John "Midnight" Cage, Tim "Too Slim" Langford, Tom "The Stomp" Brimm

Genre: Skankin', rootsy, rockabilly blues

Sounds like: Lightnin' Hopkins, The Paladins, Hank Williams

& & Other bands & &

Cary Fly * Ron Criscione * Neil Elwel and the Doghouse Boys * Soup * Rich Luna & amp; Sons * Arnie Carruthers * Tom McFarland

& & Cover Bands & & & &

& & Area 51 & &

Barry Williams, Larry McClure, Johnny McClain, Kenny Jones, John Caldwell

& & The Cronkites & &

Bob Sletner, Pat Simmons, Mike Stirn

Sounds like: Neil Diamond to AC/DC

& & The Cruizers & &

Tom Bergeron, Steve Samsel, Mark Gale, Jeff Thorton

Sounds like: Kansas, Styx

& & Hindsight & &

Laura Wagner, Terry Bernezi, Don Hadley, Jim Wright

& & Kidd Sister & &

Tracy Wakefield, Gary Banks, David Lee, Guy Callouet and Bob Baker

Sounds like: Shania Twain, Dave Matthews

& & The Kustoms & &

Carey Brazil and various guests

& & Legend & &

Kevin Twillegar, Carole Hudson, Michael Hayes, Jared Ribik

Sounds like: ZZ Top, Joe Cocker

& & Loose Endz & &

Dave Nordstrom, Steve Lime, Cary Sly, Steve Nelson

& & The Luna Bros. & &

Ron Luna, Mark Luna

& & Men in the Making & &

Chris Shay, Brad Walling, Kevin Dodson, Kevin Shay

Sounds like: Village People, Sony and Cher, The Monkeys

& & No Way Out & &

Vic Boudreau, Bill Anderson, Phil Berry, Dan Schauble

Sounds like: Journey, Styx

& & The Perones & &

Jon Pieroni, Eric Bergeson, Aaron Boschee, Jimmy Schlegel

Sounds like: Rod Stewart, The Wallflowers

& & The Sneaks & &

Bill Devine, James Schack, Carl Aldrich, Steve Leinan

& & Ultraviolet Ray & &

Ray Vasquez, Chris Manson, Jim Scollard, Bob Delmonte

Sounds like: Stevie Ray Vaughn

& & Other bands & &

No Issues * All Fall Down * Manito * Mr. Happy * Little Voice

& & Country & & & &

& & Don Emerson & &

Genre: Tried and True Country

Sounds like: Randy Travis

& & Sammy Eubanks & &

Sammy Eubanks, Greg Rickey, Chris Bearcauh, Rick Bryson

Genre: New country/blues/original

& & Kelly Hughes Band & &

Kelly Hughes, Gary Hassler, Andrew Biscoe, Chris Casserina, Rob Wilson

Genre: Country show band

Sounds like: Merle Haggard, George Strait

& & Nobody Famous & &

Tom Lapasnsky, Gene Repp, Nigel Elliot, Doug Lee, Kelly Sullivan Weir, Bill and Don Carruthers

Genre: Country/rock/blues

& & Randy Shaw Band & &

Randy Shaw, LeeAnne Katzer, Mike Bibson, Rick Podlas, Dennis Washburn, Jack Nixon

Genre: Country favorites

& & Wylie and the Wild West Show & &

Wylie Gustafson and guests

Genre: Grand ole' country

Sounds like: Roy Rogers, Hank Williams

& & Other bands & &

Devin Wade & amp; Against the Grain * Brown Bottle Flu * Cory William and the Backwoods Band

& & Folk & & & &

& & Jim Boyd and Rez Bound & &

Jim Boyd, Jerry Stensgar, Alfonso Kolb, LaRae Wiley

Genre: Acoustic rez rock

Sounds like: Bruce Hornsby, Sherman Alexie's poetry

& & Canned Music & &

Steve Sackett, Kathy Sackett

Genre: American pop from the '20s to '90s

Sounds like: James Taylor, The Beatles

& & Celtic Nots & &

Nigel Elliott, James Hunter, James Funke, Carlos Alden

Genre: Traditional Irish Folk

Sounds like: The Chieftains, St. Patrick's Day

& & Coeurimba & &

Al Leiser, Steve Meyer, Jeremy Smith Kathy beck, Loneita Atkinson, Thomas Orjala, Jan Meyer, Tina Gospodnetich, Mary Christen

Genre: Zimbabwean

& & Tiana Gregg & &

Genre: Acoustic folk rock

Sounds like: Laura Love, Liz Phair

& & Janet Johnson & &

Genre: Eclectic folk/rock

Sounds like: Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell

& & Bob Juhlin & &

Genre: Old-time crooner standards

& & Brad Keeler & &

Genre: New, used and reconditioned antique music/bluegrass/blues

& & Mad Mama Moon & &

Cherri Croff, Mila

Genre: Acoustic world music

& & Moments of Clarity & &

Darin Schaffer, Tom Taylor, Paul Brumley, Scott Hampton

Genre: Rythmic, groovy instrumental

& & Sidhe & &

Michael and Kelly Millham

Genre: Acoustic vocal new age folk classical

& & LaRae Wiley & &

Genre: Folk/ New Age

& & Others & &

Nancy Lynn Bright * Occasional String Band* Snake Oil Huxsters * Lori Heftel * Jeff Aker * Bee & amp; Camille * Theresa McKay * Marc Postlewait * Ken Luker * Jack Connelly * Joel Johnston * Schauer with Friends * Calliope's Burden

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