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Q&A with Greenhand budtender Jerrika Morrow

INLANDER: How did you become a budtender?

MORROW: I got into it here in Spokane through a friend, but I worked with medical marijuana over in Missoula before. So when recreational popped up [in Washington], I got an interview. And I already had that experience of growing, and working medically with it. So recreational wasn't a huge transition.

What do you like most about doing this?

Oh, helping people that need it, 100 percent. Whether it be for pain relief, anti-anxiety, or something to help them cope in a healthy manner with day-to-day stresses or ailments or anything like that — that's the best part, definitely.

What happens when you tell other people, like your friends, that you're a budtender? What's their reaction?

[laughs] Some laugh. Because it's just such a new thing! But overall, it's a positive reaction from everybody.

What do you usually find yourself explaining to people who come in?

What the difference is between and indica and sativa, constantly. They always want to know, 'What's the one that's not gonna put me in the couch?' But if you've got, like, high anxiety or something like that, indica isn't really gonna put you to sleep, it's just gonna mellow you out. So I always have to explain that.

How long do you see yourself being involved with the legal marijuana industry?

I hope for a while. Actually, the one part I'm most excited about is the tinctures for dogs that have CBD in them. I would like to go kind of in that direction as well, because if people can benefit from it, then pets can too. And I've personally had my cat benefit from ingesting cannabis, so I would really like to be in the field long enough to see like a whole pet case, honestly.

How did your cat benefit?

She likes to eat the leaves, and she actually went through cancer, and they said it should have spread throughout her entire body. And I said, well, she's been eating marijuana leaves since she was a baby, and [the vet] said that's probably what kept it from spreading all over. Now she's been in remission for over a year. ♦

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