A Danish dad-revenge action comedy, Coeur d'Alene's creative 'zine, and new music!

It's quite the year for kickass dad-revenge action comedies. While Americans got Bob Odenkirk mowing down baddies in with the blissful white male fantasy Nobody, the Danes offered up a more layered, deep, yet somehow funnier version in form of the Mads Mikkelson-led Riders of Justice (now streaming on Hulu). The story follows Mikkelson's Markus, a soldier going through despair after a train accident killed his wife and traumatized his daughter. But it turns out the man who gave up his seat that led to his wife's death is a computer scientist who works on predictive algorithms, and he and his socially inept goofball computer ace buddies are committed to helping Markus track down the gang they think is responsible for the "accident." The colorful cast of characters offers up plenty of laughs and warmth while the film also wrestles with the profound pain of grief and grieving. (SETH SOMMERFELD)

The first print magazine for CoeursCollective came out in October, and we can hardly wait for what's next. And we don't have to. In addition to the CoeursCollective 'zine (available at EmergeCda, $10), this ambitious, free-wheeling startup developed by photographer (and entrepreneur, and jewelry designer) Katherine "Kat" Vandergriff is all over social media. What started with a quarantine-inspired group chat has since viral-spiraled throughout the area's youngish, mostly Coeur d'Alene-based community of creatives, from chefs and musicians to dancers and tattoo artists. Good luck following them; they've got so much creative energy — separately and collectively — they're going to be hard to keep up with. (CARRIE SCOZZARO)

Noteworthy new music arriving in stores and online Nov 12:

TAYLOR SWIFT, Red (Taylor's Version). Tay Tay is never, ever, ever getting back together with the masters of her early albums, so instead she's rerecording expanded versions to reclaim her songwriting property.

COURTNEY BARNETT, Things Take Time, Take Time. No one in modern indie rock makes ramshackle deadpan casualness feel as effortlessly cool as Ms. Barnett.

ALLEN STONE, Apart. The Spokane troubadour is back with stripped-down solo versions of his blue-eyed soul tunes. (SETH SOMMERFELD)

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