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The Folio: Buried Child

Buried Child was the play that thrust the late, great Sam Shepard into the spotlight, earning him rave reviews and a Pulitzer Prize in 1978. Stage Left Theater, no stranger to bold and challenging material, will be presenting Shepard’s work as a one-night-only staged reading on Friday, which is just the kind of spare format the playwright himself would no doubt have approved. But before you head into Buried Child, know that it traffics in difficult subject matter: This is a grim, often shocking portrait of American disillusionment and economic collapse, following a fractured Illinois family wrestling with alcoholism, infidelity, violence and incest. Bring a friend so you can have a long discussion afterward.

Fri, Aug. 23 at 7:30 pm • $5 • Stage Left Theater • 108 W. Third • • 838-9727

— Nathan Weinbender

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