The Inlander at Its Best

by MICHAEL BOWEN & r & & r & & lt;span class= "dropcap " & W & lt;/span & e're all crunched for time. So if hundreds of people voluntarily fill out lengthy ballots and select your business as having the area's Best Thai Food or Best Men's Shoes (or whatever), then that's a big deal.

And big deals deserve to be celebrated. It deserves more than just a mention in our annual Best Of issue. What it deserves is a bunch of strangers appearing on your doorstep, Publishers Clearing House-style, with newspapers and certificates and pretty red balloons and smiles. What it deserves is a party.

That's why, on March 20, Inlander staff fanned out all around the community to deliver tidings of great joy -- and then convened back at headquarters so that staffers and winners alike could consume pizza, coffee, sandwiches, burritos, desserts and three to six beers each.

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