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The Inuit Art of Povungnituk

Working in a much colder climate than ours, in fact considered part of the Arctic, Inuit artists in Povungnituk, Quebec, have been applauded for their printmaking and sculptures. These art pieces encapsulate the history and legends of the native people and animals against crisp, icy backgrounds. Many of the pieces in this collection now on display at the MAC showcase the rituals that have allowed the Inuit people to survive in this unfriendly landscape throughout history. The village of Povungnituk was first established as a trading post by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1921; its name is often shortened to simply “POV.”

Feb. 16-May 12, Tue-Sun from 10 am-5 pm • $5-$10 admission • Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture • 2316 W. First • • 456-3931

— Arcelia Martin

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