by DUSTIN CARROLL & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & D & lt;/span & eathcore. It's the new black. Apologies to all the extreme metal purists out there, but the sooner you accept it, the easier it will be. When At the Gates gets back together to go on tour, it's a sign of times a-changin'. (And let's be serious here -- where else is there for metal to go?) It's the most oversaturated form of rock music in the business, so melding it with other genres just seems like the thing to do. True, the whole rap/metal thing was a mistake, but you can blame Korn and Kid Rock for that.

Long story short, when bands like Job for a Cowboy are slated to open up on tour with bands like Megadeth, the genre is officially in. Walk into the nearest Hot Topic and you'll see. The recent success of JfaC, along with groups like Suicide Silence, Carnifex, the Faceless and the Red Chord jumping on massive tours and selling out arenas, should make this even more evident. And the next group to join those ranks will be Oakland's All Shall Perish.

ASP has been together since 2002 but has stayed very much under the radar. They aren't yet on the radar yet, exactly -- Nuclear Blast isn't the most mainstream of labels -- but these guys have made the right splash with the right people. They're due for a new album this fall, and if it's anywhere near as good as their sophomore release, The Price of Existence, they'll be the next big thing in heavy music.

Combining everything you'd expect from deathcore -- blast beats, breakdowns, pig squeals, triplets -- the thing that sets All Shall Perish apart from their peers is their massive range and diversity within such a bogged-down scene. Before any element of one of their songs can get too predictable and boring, the group will throw in a hardcore two-step part or a black metal howl just to keep things interesting. They maintain metal cred with their intricate guitar work and jaw-dropping drumming ability while at the same time spicing things up with the occasional bass solo and multi-octave screams.

Simply put, if you like metal, you'll love this band. Yet at the same time, you don't have to enjoy metal all that much to appreciate the music these guys are creating. Despite the obvious fan base of cap-sporting hardcore kids and drunk metal bros, All Shall Perish has the kind of rhythm-section appeal that a jazz musician, for example, could really get into.

Oh, and if your fever requires more cowbell, then ASP's "Wage Slaves" will be your prescription.

All Shall Perish with the Acacia Strain, the Warriors, Since the Flood and Skies Burn Black at the Blvd on Tuesday, June 10, at 5:30 pm. Tickets: $12 (available at 4000 Holes). All ages. Visit or call 325-SEAT.

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