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Who'll be named artiest of them all?

Every year, the Spokane Arts Awards help put faces and names to some of the organizations that help make the city a more colorful place. The local nonprofit Spokane Arts is behind the annual celebration and doles out awards in four main categories — leadership, collaboration, imagination and inclusion — as well as notices in more specialized concentrations.

Winners of 2018's batch of awards included the annual literary event Get Lit!, City Council President Ben Stuckart and the downtown branch of the public library. 2019's ceremony will be held at Lucky You Lounge, the new rock venue and restaurant in Browne's Addition, where you can take in live music (artists to be announced) and interactive art exhibits.

It's a celebration of the scene, but it's also a good excuse to mingle with and become better acquainted with some of Spokane's best visual artists, poets and grants writers.

Spokane Arts Awards • Sept. 28, 2019 • Lucky You Lounge

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