The sun is out, spring is coming, and it's time to get moving

Technically speaking, spring doesn't start until March 20. In recent days, though, the combination of warming temperatures and sunshine lasting ever later into the evening has brought a decidedly springlike feel to the Inland Northwest. It's finally time to get out and enjoy our region's natural beauty without needing to bundle up against frigid arctic air.

Here are three strains to help you shake off the winter blues as you get back to your favorite outdoor activities.


One of the better-known strains around, Sour Diesel is a classic sativa. There are nearly 8,000 user reviews of the strain on Leafly, and based on those it lands firmly on the energizing side of their calming-energizing spectrum. Clocking in at around 18 percent THC, Sour Diesel packs enough punch to get the job done but isn't oppressively intoxicating, making it perfect for keeping your wits about you on a hike in the woods or a simple stroll through the park.

Cinder on Second and Monroe sells two packs of Sour Diesel prerolls from Trail Blazin' Productions for $10.


Another well-known strain, White Widow is a relatively low-THC hybrid that truly delivers the best of both worlds. Leafly's user reviews put it on the energizing side of things, though not quite as far as Sour Diesel. That's likely because of the dominant presence of myrcene among the strain's terpenes. Myrcene is present in many plants and preparations used for relaxation among herbalists and in folk medicine traditions. Don't be fooled, though; a few puffs of White Widow won't lead to couch-lock. It brings energy without anxiety.

Greenhand has White Widow one-gram prerolls from local producer Phat Panda available for $8.


Not as popular as the other two, Candyland might be the best of the bunch for getting up and out. The colorful buds with almost equal parts green and purple interspersed with bold orange trichomes are the perfect pairing for a season that brings flowers and plants back after the long, gray winter. Perhaps the best attribute of this energizing sativa is that, based on Leafly's user reports, it's among the least likely strains to cause dry mouth. Which is a massive deal if you aren't looking to lug a gallon of water around with you.

Apex Cannabis sells eighths of Candyland flower from local grower Sweetwater Farms for $41. ♦

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