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Young Kwak
Auntie's Bookstore

2nd Look Books

Pause before you add another book to your Amazon cart and consider paying a visit to 2nd Look Books. With a vast inventory of gently used books, and an epic bargain section with prices $1 and less, we think you can find what you're looking for here — even that hot book club title you need to read by next month. This South Hill shop also frequently hosts book signings and other literary events. Grab a coffee at Forza next door and wander downstairs to their cozy reading room. 2829 E. 29th Ave., Spokane • 535-6464

Auntie's Bookstore

At once invitingly cozy and vibrantly immense, the iconic independent store turns 40 this year. Auntie's plays a substantial role in promoting and supporting local authors and frequently provides avid readers with a chance to see and hear from notable contemporaries through seminars and readings. No wonder Inlander readers vote it their favorite book store year after year. 402 W. Main Ave., Spokane • 838-0206

Giant Nerd Books

Nathan Huston's undeniably odd shop has made a name for itself by being the place to go when in need of something a bit peculiar. His project began as a boy with frequent trips to local yard sales with his father and led to the formation of his impressive collection of vintage paperbacks, comics, graphic novels, art and architecture books and mysteries. The trading of a few old books and comics turned into the carefully calculated exchange and trade of the oddities he now treasures and shares. 709 N. Monroe St., Spokane • 868-0420


Merlyn's doesn't just have customers. It has followers. Merlynites flock to this mecca of geekdom for its shelves stocked with first-issue reprints like X-23 #1 and Superman #1, not to mention continuing series like Plastic Man. Fantasy and sci-fi books and tons of colored pages (graphic novels) also fill the shelves. A game always seems to be underway in the shop, from rounds of Star Wars Destiny to Magic: The Gathering drafts. 15 W. Main Ave., Spokane • 624-0957

The Well-Read Moose

Browsing is encouraged at this independent bookstore located in Coeur d'Alene's Riverstone development. An in-store cafe, serving wine, coffee and snacks, provides sustenance to linger, and cozy seating areas and an inviting children's corner offer comfort. Author nights, book signings and children's story times fill up the shop's monthly calendar. 2048 N. Main St., Coeur d'Alene • 208-208-215-2265

click to enlarge Words, words words: These places have all the best words
Young Kwak
Resurrection Records owner Mike Roberts.


In a world where digital downloads are at our fingertips, the resurgence of records seems surprising, but industry data shows the 100-year-old technology is being embraced by a new generation, with vinyl sales increasing since 2008. Fortunately, that means record store culture persists in the Inland Northwest. "I like talking to people about music all day," says Mike Roberts, owner of RESURRECTION RECORDS (1927 W. Northwest Blvd.). Roberts says he carries a newer selection of records than other stores in town and that he's open to carrying everything, including country. 4,000 HOLES (1610 N. Monroe St.) owner Bob Gallagher has managed to keep his local record store healthy and thriving through close to 30 years and at least three major record industrial revolutions. THE LONG EAR (1620 N. Government Way, Coeur d'Alene) has also withstood the test of time, opening up back in 1973 and still selling LPs and used CDs, along with incense, hookahs and clothing. GROOVE MERCHANTS (905 W. Garland Ave.) set up shop in the Garland District in 2014. Shoppers can settle in and sample tunes in their listening station, after perusing this well-stocked and organized record shop. Whether you're looking to make music or listen to it on a turntable, PIRATE TRADERS (12415 E. First Ave., Spokane Valley) is the Spokane Valley's go-to for vinyl, vintage turntables, speakers and guitar amps. Perched on the eastern edge of Browne's Addition, TOTAL TRASH RECORDS & VINTAGE (1601 W. Pacific Ave.) is the region's newest record shop. Named after a Sonic Youth rock anthem, it's owner JJ Wandle's second foray into the world of wax. He previously sold LP's at Garageland, which is now under new ownership has transitioned to a pub-grub eatery.

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