These three high-potency cannabis strains range from 25 to 33 percent THC

click to enlarge These three high-potency cannabis strains range from 25 to 33 percent THC
Some local strains really bring the noise, and the funk.

Potency has increasingly become the name of the game in the world of cannabis as THC concentrations are reaching ever greater heights. If you're looking to find the strongest cannabis around, we're here to help. Just remember, these strains do not mess around. Exercising caution when consuming them would be wise even for experienced users with high tolerances.


An indica-dominant hybrid that packs a punch with THC content reaching up to 26 percent, Wedding Pie is a great late-night "snack" just before bedtime. This relatively new strain is a cross between two other indica-dominant hybrids, Grape Pie and the extremely popular Wedding Cake — Wedding Cake was named strain of the year in 2019 by industry website Leafly. Caryophyllene and myrcene are the dominant terpenes, giving this pie a unique peppery flavor.

There are a few Wedding Pie options available in the region, but Longview-based producer Mama J's takes the top spot when it comes to THC. Their flower clocks in at 25.7 percent, making it a decent starting point if you don't want to jump straight into the high THC deep end. Find it at Royal's Cannabis and Sativa Sisters.


Grown on the rolling hills of the Palouse, Burnwell's Scarlet Queen, simply called Scarlett, is one of the strongest flower options on the market. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of two other queens, killer and space. Scarlett inherited the sticky buds its parents are known for but significantly upped their punch, landing at 30.6 percent THC. It also took on the myrcene levels of its parents, giving it a traditionally herbal flavor.

Don't let the smooth, subdued packaging fool you; this is without question an in-your-face strain. Find it at Cannabis & Glass, Spokane Green Leaf and Cinder.


A strain that lives up to its name, Trophy Wife takes the top spot as far as I could find when it comes to the THC content of flower available locally. And, it's local, too. Spokane Valley's Phat Panda grows a Trophy Wife that registers at just over 33 percent THC. An indica-dominant hybrid with a lot of limonene in the terpene department, Trophy Wife is a citrusy mood booster.

It's part of Phat Panda's platinum line of products, which means they'll set you back a bit more than most of their offerings. But with this one it's worth the price. Find it at Cannabis & Glass, Green Light and The Vault. ♦

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