Three little words that make us swoon every time

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Throughout life we are programmed to look forward to hearing those "three little words" that can make a person melt. The first time they are heard, you may not be sure of what they are really supposed to mean. The feeling of butterflies dancing in your stomach and the feeling of pure bliss are usually two of the common responses to hearing those words.

But while waiting for those three little words, your emotions can be toyed with, with false predictions that come in many forms but usually in the form of absence. The anticipation of the three little words can leave you sleepless, up all night, wondering what to wear to make sure you are at the perfect temperature for when those three little words come to fruition, the obstacles that you might face and the plan of action after the three little words come to life.

Will those three little words be accompanied by the backdrop of romantic music or with the greeting of an epic amount of shininess?

For those who haven't heard those three little words in a while and have it mean something, they are usually left with the feeling of jealousy or confusion. And then there are those who have heard those three little words so many times that they are tired by them and would just like to hear anything other than those three little words; for those, the thought of those words being spoken is met with hatred.

For skiers and snowboarders, they hear those three little words a little differently that most of the population. They hear, ditch the snow shoveling, get up before the alarm, blaze through snow drifts and rally around switchbacks to make it to first chair during the times of those much-anticipated three little words:

"Winter Storm Warning." ♦

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Jen Forsyth

Jen Forsyth is the editor of the Snowlander series.