This is a past event.

Think & Drink: The Speed of Deceit – The New Era of Online Lies and Misinformation

Conspiracy theories have been around forever. Have we actually set foot on the moon, or was that famous tape filmed in a Hollywood studio? Could lizard people be running the world? Is the U.S. government hiding aliens somewhere in rural Utah? In the age of social media sharing, these obscure (and perhaps less outrageous) accusations have become easier to spread than ever. An upcoming talk as part of Humanities Washington’s Think & Drink series explores how conspiracy theories and lies have become a deeply rooted problem in our online lives. Professors from Washington State and Whitworth universities discuss these modern information wars and how misinformation can be used to harm and also what average citizens can do about it.

Wed, Sept. 26 at 7 pm • Free; registration required • Magic Lantern Theater • 25 W. Main •

— Brooke Carlson

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