Three cannabis products to help you maximize the season

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We've reached the peak time of year for outdoor relaxation. These days the sun's out for as long as it will be in July and August, but evening temperatures aren't yet oppressively hot. Which means it's time to hang up that hammock, pull up a patio chair and kick back for a few hours in the evening sun.

Of course, that sounds good enough on its own, but why not kick it up a bit with some cannabis? Here are three products to help you relax to the max.

Spokane Valley's Phat Panda, one of the largest producers in the state, recently added to its expansive collection with a new strain: Apple Mac. Clocking in at 23 percent THC, this indica-dominant hybrid packs a bit of a punch. A cross between MAC 1 and Trophy Wife, two hybrids known for their mildly energizing effects, Apple Mac is noticeably more of a calming strain than those two. An $8 preroll from The Vault proved to be the perfect accent to the 80-degree weather I sat in Saturday evening on my porch.

Ray's Lemonade, from local producer Dogtown Pioneers, is a seasonal favorite of mine. The infused beverages come in a variety of flavors, but I normally stick with the plain old lemonade for its versatility, or go with huckleberry if I want to feel super summery. The convenient measuring cup that comes with each bottle makes it simple to measure out the right dose before tossing it into a mocktail for leisurely sipping. Like all edibles, effects come on gradually over time and tend to stick around a while, making them perfect for these long, lazy evenings.


Mr. Moxey's is known throughout the Northwest for their classically designed infused mints, which come in metal containers that hark back to old school Altoids tins, but they're a lot more than just those candies. Mr. Moxey's makes topicals as well, and their muscle relief salve with 100 milligrams of THC and CBD is one of the best. It can ease achy muscles after a long day of work or take painless muscles and help them melt into a hammock the moment you get in. And because it's a topical you won't need to worry about your brain melting along with your body. There's more to cannabis than just the high, after all. ♦

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