t our house, spring sunshine is streaming in to reveal an exceptionally "lived-in" look after a year of work- and school- and hobbies-from-home. Window sills are home to garden starts stretching toward the strengthening daylight, a spare table sits on standby for an evening board game in the living room and there's a pantry full of assorted ingredients procured by our budding chef-in-residence. In short, we are not yet ready to entertain. So I really appreciate Spokane designer Marnie Hansen's generosity in allowing us a peek at her family's brand new home (page 26). Her great room is a beautiful, high-volume space that she grounds with a collection of unique and meaningful objects. And she offers some tips on how you can infuse your own space with elements that inspire you.

But if you find you just don't want to look at your too-familiar walls anymore and have decided to dip into the red-hot Inland Northwest real estate market, you'll want to check out local home stagers' tips (page 16). Getting top dollar for your home depends on creating a good impression for prospective buyers. Just be careful, because once you've got your place spiffed up for that mythical new owner, you might find the "new" version suits you just fine.

And in the Family section, writer E.J. Iannelli searched out tips from our region's plant experts for successful gardening in our short season (page 40). Luckily, with our last frost date occurring in mid-May, there's still plenty of time to get growing.

To your health!

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