by TED S. McGREGGOR JR. & r & & r & Western Exposure & r & & r & After so much time spent in the Midwest and Northeast, the primary season finally goes West, as the Nevada primary is Jan. 19. While the Republicans have nothing scheduled in Nevada, the Democrats will debate in Las Vegas on Jan. 15 in an event sponsored by the Caucus of African American Nevadans and Impacto, a Hispanic political action committee (to be televised on MSNBC). Republicans will debate on FOX tonight, Jan. 10, in South Carolina, and the GOP field will gather again in South Carolina on Jan. 16 for a radio-only debate aired on National Public Radio and on GOP voters in South Carolina go to the polls on Jan. 19.

Debate Demos

Speaking of debates, it might be another indication of a general malaise in the Republican ranks, but the Democratic debate in New Hampshire drew a significantly larger TV audience than the Republican version, according to the New York Times. ABC broadcast the two debates, back to back, on Jan. 5, and 7.35 million viewers watched the GOP while 9.36 million stayed up late to watch the second debate among the four top Dems. But sports still trumps politics, as the NFL game between Jacksonville and Pittsburgh, which aired at the same time, drew 25.8 million viewers.

10,000 Years

Is that how long John McCain thinks the United States should stay in Iraq? Hard to say what point was he trying to make when he said on Jan. 6 on Face the Nation that, "The point is it's American casualties. We've got to get Americans off the front lines, have the Iraqis as part of this strategy, take over more and more of the responsibilities, and then I don't think Americans are concerned if we're there for one hundred years or a thousand years or 10,000 years."

Not sure if he really cleared anything up there, but polls on the war in Iraq indicate he might want to fine-tune that message if he is, indeed, the GOP nominee.

Looking for Luck

You can relive the McCarthy vs. Murrow battles of the 1950s in the excellent film Good Night, And Good Luck at the Garland at 2 pm on Sunday, Jan. 13 -- and it's for a good cause (if you're a Democrat). The 3rd District Dems are hosting the event to prep their troops for the Democratic caucuses in Washington, to be held Feb. 9.

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