by TED S. McGREGOR JR. & r & & r & Always Complaining & r & & r & On FOX News the other night, the closed captioning was either hilariously wrong or sadly right when Sean Hannity was talking about Bill Clinton's antics on, as the captioning put it, "the complain trail."

Idaho's Turn

To get in on the fun, Idaho Democrats scheduled their caucus for Super Tuesday. Strategists might think California and New York are important, but with the caucus meetings not even starting until 7 pm, the final results, whatever they may be, could be the last (along with Alaska's) to be reported. If you're wondering how you can participate, go to And if you thought nobody else cared, get this: Barack Obama is coming to Boise on Saturday. Details are sketchy at the moment, but his advance team is in the Spud State seeking out a proper venue.

So Who Do We Get?

With Obama in Boise, the obvious question is which candidate does Spokane get? Well, how does Ron Paul sound? The Texas congressman -- an OB/GYN doc with some of the most devoted supporters you can find -- will address his masses at the downtown Doubletree at 5 pm Thursday (that's tonight). It's free and open to the public.

Travel Tips

As the days before Super Tuesday pass, you can learn a lot about the candidates by where they campaign. Of the big states, the conventional wisdom has Hillary Clinton winning in New York, while Barack Obama has the edge in Illinois. So the battleground will be California -- isn't it always? If Obama spends a ton of time there, he'll be feeling good. But if he's spending more time in Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia, he may be playing the delegate-counting game. If Hillary spends time in New York, she could be in trouble.

On the Republican side, the big variable is whether Rudy Giuliani will still be in the race. (If he loses Florida, he may quit.) Without him, Mitt Romney's chances improve in the Northeast. But Giuliani supporters in California might move more to John McCain. Watch who spends more time in the South. For Romney to do well on Super Tuesday, when most Republican elections are winner-takes-all-the-delegates, he'll need to compete among social conservatives -- Mike Huckabee's people. Romney will win Utah, but can he win Missouri?

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