by TED S. McGREGOR JR. & r & & r & "Sen. Oblaahla..." & r & & r & I might be dating myself a bit, but remember when the Fonz couldn't admit he was "wrrururr..." (Translation: "Wrong")? President Bush has had a hard time with that word, too, but now there's another one to add to his list: "Obama." Based on some crack research by the Washington Post, it turns out Bush has only uttered Barack Obama's name a "handful" of times since the Illinois senator started his run for president more than a year ago -- and Bush's last utterance came in April.

Runaway Bus

Meanwhile, one group has no problem using the word "Bush" -- it has plastered it all above the Bush Legacy Bus, which is crisscrossing America under clean, bio-diesel power. Americans United for Change is funding the exhibit on wheels, and if you live in a district with a Bush-enabler, you just might get a drive-by. Earlier this week, the bus stopped in Seattle to protest Rep. Dave Reichert, who, even though he doesn't represent Seattle proper, stands accused of supporting Bush policies 84 percent of the time.

He Feels Your Pain

Despite his millions, John McCain can relate to the average American's credit card addiction. According to McCain's most recent FEC filings, his campaign owes American Express $1.37 million. And if he misses his payment, he'll get to see how most Americans experience financial deregulation when he gets hit with one of those wicked late fees.

Veep Timing

If you're wondering when running mates will be named, it could be a while. Most pundits see choices this year coming later in August. Neither wants to collide with the Olympics, which start Aug. 8, but some Dems have suggested Obama still might make his pick prior to that. If not it will be sometime the week before his convention starts Aug. 25 in Denver. Most expect McCain to wait to see who Obama picks before deciding -- although well-connected columnist Robert Novak says McCain will make his pick this week.

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