by TED S. McGREGOR JR. & r & & r & Freudian Trips & r & & r & So you find yourself cleaning out your parents' attic -- with Hillary Clinton. Or maybe you're just having a bedtime story read to you -- by Barack Obama. No, these aren't the latest desperate measures being taken to win your vote -- these are dreams people are having that happen to star their favorite (or most feared) presidential candidates. Canadian blogger Sheila Heti started compiling people's political dreams, and like most things cyber-related, it's created a mini-sensation. Check it out (and post your own nightmares) at

Job Security

Laws you can break without losing your job: Ordering up illegal torture, instructing phone companies to spy on Americans without getting a warrant, playing footsie with a cop in a public restroom...

Law you can't break without losing your job: Hiring a hooker.

McCain v. Boeing

The fallout from the $35 billion refueling tanker contract awarded to Airbus continues, and now the speculation is that John McCain might be -- gasp! -- pro-France! The Government Accountability Office will investigate the contract, which went to a foreign firm over Boeing, and the New York Times has reported that part of that investigation will focus on McCain's role. In a letter to the Defense Department, McCain urged Pentagon decision-makers not to consider concerns that Airbus is unfairly subsidized, as the U.S. government has contended.

Additionally, the NYT has pointed out that three of McCain's campaign advisers are paid lobbyists on behalf of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, the corporate parent of Airbus.

Who Won Texas?

On March 4, Hillary Clinton was on top of the world, having won primaries in Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas. It was a night that saved her campaign, allowing her to live on to fight into Pennsylvania and beyond. But wait a minute ... did she really win Texas? Being a state with a primary and a caucus, Texas is hard to pin down. Yes, Clinton won the primary, but by most accounts it looks like once the dust has settled, Barack Obama (who won the caucuses) will narrowly claim more delegates. But the confusion persists, as even the interactive map on the New York Times' Website continues to list Texas as having been won by Clinton. Could Texas make it any more confusing?

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