by TED S. McGREGOR JR. & r & & r & Bracket Betrayal & r & & r & Both Barack Obama and John McCain did their real-man duty and filled out predictions for the field of 64, and if their NCAA picks are any indication they're both pretty conservative. (Both have three No. 1 seeds in their Final Fours; both have North Carolina winning it all.)

But Obama really snubbed us, having both the Zags and Cougs bowing out in the first round. McCain had both local faves advancing -- even having the Cougs into the Sweet 16. Way to go after that Palouse vote!

Whose War?

George W. Bush (remember him -- the president?) was back in the media this week as the star of Frontline's two-part PBS series Bush's War. It was riveting TV, seeing all that disparate information put together in a coherent, linear way. But the odd thing about it was that if the Academy Awards were scoring it, they'd have to put Bush up for supporting actor, not lead. Maybe their title was tongue-in-cheek, since the real star of the show was -- you guessed it -- Dick Cheney.

Rush the Vote

Now that John McCain has secured the Republican nomination, GOP voters are left with little to do. But Rush Limbaugh has a plan -- help tilt the Democratic outcome to Hillary Clinton, who Rush thinks would make a great punching bag this fall. So in Ohio he urged his troops to register as Democrats and support the enemy. Some Ohioans have even gloated about their subterfuge on their blogs. Only trouble is, it might have been illegal, as those voters had to sign a pledge that they were, in fact, Democrats. No word on whether charges will be filed, but stranger things have happened.

Limbaugh is undeterred, saying it's all protected as free speech; he's even advocating Republicans do the same thing again in Pennsylvania.

Little Red Corvette

And now for something completely unrelated to this or any election, we have news from the Tom Foley beat. According to the Washington Post, the former Speaker of the House's 2001 red Corvette can be yours. "He always wanted a Corvette, all his life," says Heather Foley of her retired husband, who is now 79 and isn't driving any more. Live the dream for just $30,000 -- or best offer!

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