We've all heard the phrase "You are what you eat."  Meaning if we eat unhealthy food, then our bodies will suffer, go into stress, and we'll get sick. But have you ever heard the phrase "You eat what you are?"  

Our thoughts not only affect our feelings, they also affect how we treat ourselves. For example, if we focus on negativity, chances are pretty good that we will not make healthy choices. This applies not only to food choices, but also activity, entertainment and even partner choices. Thoughts lead to feelings, which influence actions. It's a perpetual cycle that can continue throughout life. The negative thought streams in our heads create bad feelings that lead us to make unhealthy decisions, that in turn create more negativity in our lives. But if this holds true, then the opposite must hold true as well.  

When we change our thoughts from negative to positive, getting us out of that stubborn river of negative thinking, we feel good. Feeling good influences choices that support our healthy states of mind. Quite literally, we eat what we are. Remember, it is physically impossible to feel bad while thinking good thoughts!

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