'TRON: Legacy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack', Daft Punk

Shiny movie music can only be so good.

Daft Punk
Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s score to Tron: Legacy was igniting arguments and cooking up expectations long before anyone had even heard it. And while the duo have created here a slightly aboveaverage film score, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the Tron: Legacy soundtrack is nothing more than just shiny music for a shiny movie.

Because it is Daft Punk, undeniably brilliant moments are included, namely the Human After All-esque “Derezzed” and the taut, tribal neurosis of “Disc Wars.” Some tracks, like “The Game Has Changed,” deliver strong on the promise of a soundtrack that, like its film basis, slyly conglomerates both organic and electronic elements.

Unfortunately, the rest of the score comes in below expectations for a talent of the quality of Daft Punk. Flat string arrangements drift aimlessly, creating no tension. Poorly executed electronics sound forced. I guess Daft Punk really is human, after all.

DOWNLOAD: “Derezzed”



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