Trump declares national wall-mergency, blizzard kills over 1,700 cows, and other headlines

click to enlarge The Spokane snowpack Monday night buries a car on Riverside - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
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The Spokane snowpack Monday night buries a car on Riverside


NEWS: The school resource officer with a long record of use-of-force complaints is being paid $10,000 for resigning.

LOVE: For Valentine's Day, I talked to Why Liberalism Failed author Patrick Deneen about why liberalism failed love.


Scammers in Slammers
A former Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels bookkeeper faces fraud charges for allegedly spending funds that were meant to feed old people for her personal benefit. (Spokesman-Review)

But... but... I thought Mexico was going to pay for it...

Trump declares a national emergency in order to build his wall. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers says that Trump is "circumventing Congress and Article I of the Constitution" and warns that it sets a dangerous precedent.

“If elected president, how would Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders use this precedent for a national disaster declaration to force the Green New Deal on the American people?" she says in a statement. (New York Times)

Frozen beef
The weekend snowstorm killed 1,740 cows in the Yakima Valley. (Spokesman-Review)

I'm talkin' about RBG
Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns to the Supreme Court after cancer surgery. (Washington Post)

Nobody loves Howard Schultz
Another sad Valentine's day for the billionaire. (Washington Post)

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