Trump-Kim meeting collapses, AG weighs in on Border Patrol sweeps, and other headlines


NEWS: Staff writer Josh Kelety takes a deep look at the new initiative for gun control laws and how sheriffs across Washington have responded.

NEWS: Attorney General Bob Ferguson argues Greyhound doesn't have to let Border Patrol onto their buses to interrogate riders without a warrant.

LISTEN: You know podcasts are a huge deal. But did you know about all the local podcasts?


Credit where it's due
Even one of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers' harshest critics, Spokesman-Review columnist Shawn Vestal, says she should get credit for being one of 13 House Republicans to vote against President Trump's national emergency declaration to build a border wall. (Spokesman-Review)

Summit fails
The talks between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un collapsed because the North Korean leader demanded sanctions to be lifted in their entirety. (New York Times)

Disbelief unsuspended
A new documentary on HBO features two men who claim Michael Jackson sexually abused them as children. (New York Times)

Don't do this at home
A 10-year-old girl in Spokane was staring at an icicle when it fell and hit her in the eye. (KXLY)

The choice is hers
In her quest to expand "school choice," Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has proposed federal tax credits that would encourage students to attend private schools, apprenticeships and other educational programs. (Associated Press

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